The Perfect Pair of Jeans

Why are they so impossible to find? It always seems like the simplest garments are the hardest to find, the perfect LBD, the perfect jeans, the perfect jacket… Last time I bought jeans was last Spring, now I have thrown them into the pile of clothing that need to be thrown away and recycled. In the shop they looked nice, I thought I would love them. And I did, until I had worn them for an hour. By then they had stretched out, they were constantly falling off and they had bags around my knees. The wash did not look so good any more, they were quite light and slightly acid washed, not what I want. They are not for me, but I hope someone else will love them.

The last time before this I bought jeans was over three years ago. Three years!! I still wear those jeans though, the colour is good, the cut suits me but they are tighter than three years ago. Unfortunately they are straight cut, which is great in the spring I think, with flat shoes and blazers, but they don’t look good with boots. So I desperately need a pair of skinny jeans that will fulfil the requirements and fit perfectly. Sounds reasonable, but in reality it is a very long journey that requires a lot of time spent in dressing rooms and even more effort. Sometimes I think it would be easier to give up and just not to buy jeans, but they are such a versatile part of everyone’s wardrobe, so I am still looking for them.

What does a perfect pair of jeans look like then? Well, they should be dark blue (this is important, not too dark, not too denim blue), just the right shade. No extra washes or anything that that will make me get bored of them (extra zippers, studs, embroidery, text, etc), The rise is also important, not too high because I won’t feel comfortable in them, and not too low because I don’t want to have to worry about my bum showing every time I sit down or just have to move in general. They should also be slightly elastic, but absolutely not too much, I don’t want them to be completely shapeless after wearing them for half an hour and I do not want to have to wash them after every use. The thickness (and elasticity) of the material is an important factor in distinguishing jeans from jeggings. They should not be too thick because it will make me look big and bulky, and longer tops that cover the top bit of the jeans will look very unflattering. They also should not be too thin, I don’t want to feel like every lump on my legs is on display and I don’t want them to rip in case I have to move suddenly. Then the there is The Length. Some people say that there should not be any extra material around your ankles when you wear skinny jeans, but I have to agree with this, especially if I want to wear something else than boots. If the jeans completely end at the ankle, it will just make my top bit look larger and more disproportionate because of my body type. I personally prefer some extra material around the ankles because of the proportions, makes my bottom half seem more balanced. Obviously this can be a pain with boots, but I guess that is something I can live with. So now that I have established what kind of blue jeans I want, I just have to find them ( I will probably find the ones that look perfect but that just won’t fit). Buying a black pair of jeans is a completely different matter, they will be needed at some point but at the moment they are on the long-term wish list.

Picture from Altamira

Her jeans look pretty good, but possibly not quite dark enough. I like her look in general as well, the green blazer looks different and fresh and she also looks well put together and groomed. I want my wardrobe to be functional and easy so that I can easily achieve the look I want without having to spend tons of time deciding an outfit.

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2 Responses to The Perfect Pair of Jeans

  1. YES! The simplest things are the hardest to find! I find myself nodding at what you’re looking for in jean. Slim not tight, dark wash, no contrast stitching, no fading or whiskering, soft but not thin… Not easy. It’s really something that has to be tried on in person.

    • Meri says:

      Exactly, the fit is one of the hardest parts and surprisingly I found some jeans with a perfect cut in Zara. I would never buy jeans online because you never know what you get. Thanks for you comment 🙂

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