London Week 1

So I’ve been in London for the past few weeks just staying at Max’s place. I moved out of my old apartment 2.5 weeks ago and my parents came to pick up some of my stuff that needs to go back to Switzerland and other stuff I just brought here because storage space is too expensive. It’s been nice not to having to worry about work or uni stuff but my exam and degree results are coming out tomorrow so I am getting nervous about that, eek. I hope it all goes well. Here are some pictures from my first week here, the weather was still quite cold then but it has gotten warmer now.This our friend’s family’s cafe in South Kensigton. It is a cute little French place and they do amazing sandwiches. They also have soups and cakes and it is perfect for coffee or quick lunch if you around the area, its only a few minutes away from the Natural History Museum as well. It is called La Cigale and the address is 44 Harrington Road, South Kensington. Last time we went there, I had an avocado and apple smoothie which was really nice and refreshing. 

I can’t remember when this was exactly, towards the end of my first week in London I think, but we went for a walk to St James’s Park and Buckingham Palace Gardens. This is my only picture of the Buckingham Palace, I think it would be more interesting to actually see the palace from the inside. At least I have seen it now and next time I can go take a tour and I would also like to see the Royal Mews.
I have been trying to break in these Converse shoes for the last couple of weeks but I still keep getting blisters from them! They are much better now than they were in the beginning but it is irritating because I just want to wear them with everything. I got them in the beginning of June when I went to Switzerland for a few days to sort out stuff for my residence permit from an outlet so they were a lot cheaper than what they would normally cost. They are also leather instead of the usual canvas ones.

After Buckingham Palace we walked to Hyde Park and walked around there for a little bit but we got tired from all the walking we had done already so we didn’t stay for too long. Hyde Park would be much nicer now when it is properly warm and you can actually sit in the sun. A good thing with all the walking is that I have learned to navigate around London much more easily and it doesn’t feel so big anymore. There’s so much to see and do and it is actually much nicer to walk to places than take the tube at the moment. The tube gets boiling hot in the summer and I can’t think of anything worse than having to use it every day (well I do have to use it every time I want to get out of East London).

I start my new job next Monday, can’t wait! My blog has been going crazy for the past few days, for some reason I have had hundreds of views on my BBC booklist post that I did in March last year. I was very surprised on Sunday when I came back from a little overnight trip and there had been around 600 views in one day, that’s never happened before!

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4 Responses to London Week 1

  1. ..inmotion says:

    London is such a nice place 🙂 have a good time at the new job!

  2. iinavi says:

    Hei! Tarkoituksena olisi reissata Manchesteriin syksy-talvella: mitä shoppailu- ja ruokapaikkavinkkejä antaisit? Jigsaw on yksi lempimerkeistäni, onko jotain muita sen kaltaisia..?
    Mainio blogi =)

    • Meri says:

      Hein kiva kun tykkäät ja kiitos kommentista. Manchester on siinä mielessä hyvä shoppailukaupunki, että kaikki kaupat löytyy keskustasta ja on lähellä toisiaan. Market Street on sellainen pääkatu keskustassa ja sieltä löytyy perus high street myymälät (primark, H&M, Miss Selfrigde). Market Streetiltä on myös sisäänkäynti Arndale ostoskeskukseen jossa on lisää kauppoja, mm. topshop ja riverisland ja kahviloita. Arndalessa on myös ravintoloita, mutta en ehkä suosittele syömään siellä. Jigsawn liike löytyy Exchange Square alueelta, aivan lähellä Market Streetin loppua. Exchange Squarella on myös Selfridges ja Harvey Nichols ja siinä on myös kivoja ravintoloita, esim Zizzi on italialainen ketju, joka on ihan kiva vaikka lounaspaikkana. King Street on myös hyvä shoppailupaikka, sieltä löytyy esim Whistles, joka on ehka Jigsawn tyylinen, voisit tykätä siitä. Muutenkin Kig Street on kaunis katu, jossa on vanhoja rakennuksia. Ruokapaikoista suosittelen kävelemään Deansgatea pitkin, siella on paljon ravintoloita ja kannattaa myös poikera sivukaduille katsomaan. Illalliselle voisin vaikka suositella seuraavia paikkoja, Piccolino, Rosso Restaurant, Stock ja Cicchini. Kaikki on aika suosittuja paikkoja joten varsinkin vkloppuna kannattaa soittaa etukäteen ja varata pöytä. Kaikkien sivut löytyy Googlesta aika helposti.

      Toivottavasti tästä oli jotain apua, kysy lisää jos haluat tarkennusta niin koitan vastata parhaani mukaan 🙂

  3. Lioness says:

    I love the photos, London is beautiful.. And I love Switzerland too! good luck with your test results. check out :*

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