Last week’s workouts

Monday: Body Pump + cross trainer afterwards, 1h 23min
Tuesday: Run 6.5km
Wednesday: Spinning + cross trainer, 1h 33min
Thursday: Walk/jog 8.9km
Friday: –
Saturday: Spinning + Body Pump, 1h 47min
Sunday: 7.7km run 

My run yesterday was my first proper run in ages, I have had some problem with my calves and other knee. I was dying the whole time, boiling heat and terrible running fitness was not a good combination but I felt good afterwards. My shins are feeling ok at the moment so I am trying to run more now, probably going for a quick run tomorrow as well. My gym membership is running out on Thursday so I am trying to make the most out of it while I can still go there. After that I will have to just run and swim for a month. How were your workouts last week? I have also been trying to eat a bit healthier, no chocolate for over a week!

I also finished university today, wohoo!! No more studying for a very long time, now I just need to wait for the results and I am trying not to worry about them. Lets hope I will get a 2.1 because that would make my life a lot easier lol.

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5 Responses to Last week’s workouts

  1. Nanne says:

    Congratulations on finishing university! I feel exhausted just reading about your workout, but I know I need to step up my routine….I’ve had difficulties getting back into my jogging routine, but I’m currently on the Couch to 5K program and hopefully will be doing 5K in about 4 weeks! Then I’m considering doing a program called “Gateway to 8K” – we’ll see!

    • Meri says:

      Thank you so much! it is such a relief to be done.

      I’ve read about the couch to 5k program and it seems quite good for someone who is trying to get into running. Good luck with the program, running in the summer is so much nicer and more motivating:)

  2. Anonymous says:

    Nice blog! Not for me though :))

  3. Mikael says:


    Sorry to bother you! I just wanted to ask if I can get some help from you. Do you have any interest in helping out in a fashion forum for fashion inspired people? Moderator / VIP roles exists for serious and committed people. Even a post helps a lot to get the fashion community more vibrant. If you might just like to read posts but do not want to become a member, you can show your support by clicking the Facebook like button. Thank you for taking the time to look at this / A big Hug

    • Meri says:

      HI Mikael

      The fashion forum sounds great but unfortunately I am just too busz at the moment to take on any additional responsibilities. Thanks a lot for the offer though:)

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