London Week 1

So I’ve been in London for the past few weeks just staying at Max’s place. I moved out of my old apartment 2.5 weeks ago and my parents came to pick up some of my stuff that needs to go back to Switzerland and other stuff I just brought here because storage space is too expensive. It’s been nice not to having to worry about work or uni stuff but my exam and degree results are coming out tomorrow so I am getting nervous about that, eek. I hope it all goes well. Here are some pictures from my first week here, the weather was still quite cold then but it has gotten warmer now.This our friend’s family’s cafe in South Kensigton. It is a cute little French place and they do amazing sandwiches. They also have soups and cakes and it is perfect for coffee or quick lunch if you around the area, its only a few minutes away from the Natural History Museum as well. It is called La Cigale and the address is 44 Harrington Road, South Kensington. Last time we went there, I had an avocado and apple smoothie which was really nice and refreshing. 

I can’t remember when this was exactly, towards the end of my first week in London I think, but we went for a walk to St James’s Park and Buckingham Palace Gardens. This is my only picture of the Buckingham Palace, I think it would be more interesting to actually see the palace from the inside. At least I have seen it now and next time I can go take a tour and I would also like to see the Royal Mews.
I have been trying to break in these Converse shoes for the last couple of weeks but I still keep getting blisters from them! They are much better now than they were in the beginning but it is irritating because I just want to wear them with everything. I got them in the beginning of June when I went to Switzerland for a few days to sort out stuff for my residence permit from an outlet so they were a lot cheaper than what they would normally cost. They are also leather instead of the usual canvas ones.

After Buckingham Palace we walked to Hyde Park and walked around there for a little bit but we got tired from all the walking we had done already so we didn’t stay for too long. Hyde Park would be much nicer now when it is properly warm and you can actually sit in the sun. A good thing with all the walking is that I have learned to navigate around London much more easily and it doesn’t feel so big anymore. There’s so much to see and do and it is actually much nicer to walk to places than take the tube at the moment. The tube gets boiling hot in the summer and I can’t think of anything worse than having to use it every day (well I do have to use it every time I want to get out of East London).

I start my new job next Monday, can’t wait! My blog has been going crazy for the past few days, for some reason I have had hundreds of views on my BBC booklist post that I did in March last year. I was very surprised on Sunday when I came back from a little overnight trip and there had been around 600 views in one day, that’s never happened before!

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Last week’s workouts

Monday: Body Pump + cross trainer afterwards, 1h 23min
Tuesday: Run 6.5km
Wednesday: Spinning + cross trainer, 1h 33min
Thursday: Walk/jog 8.9km
Friday: –
Saturday: Spinning + Body Pump, 1h 47min
Sunday: 7.7km run 

My run yesterday was my first proper run in ages, I have had some problem with my calves and other knee. I was dying the whole time, boiling heat and terrible running fitness was not a good combination but I felt good afterwards. My shins are feeling ok at the moment so I am trying to run more now, probably going for a quick run tomorrow as well. My gym membership is running out on Thursday so I am trying to make the most out of it while I can still go there. After that I will have to just run and swim for a month. How were your workouts last week? I have also been trying to eat a bit healthier, no chocolate for over a week!

I also finished university today, wohoo!! No more studying for a very long time, now I just need to wait for the results and I am trying not to worry about them. Lets hope I will get a 2.1 because that would make my life a lot easier lol.

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First days of summer

I can’t believe how quickly the weather has changed here, it is absolutely incredible outside and I have spent the past few days in a park trying to get a tan and studying for my last exam. Last weekend was still grey and cold:It was just grey and horrible and I spent too much time in the library. At least now I can enjoy the sun while I am studying. Today was quite windy as well so I didn’t get as sleepy as usual in the sun because it didn’t feel too hot. I’ve only got one exam left before I’m completely done with university, can’t wait for 11.15 on Monday morning because that’s when my exam finishes. On Tuesday I will be going back to work for the rest of the week and then we have a long weekend because of the Bank Holiday, I will try to do a lot of packing those days. After that I will only work for two more days and then my parents are coming over here to help me move and then I am off to London! Everything is going really fast but it is all very exciting as well. I’ve enjoyed my three years in Manchester but I am getting a bit bored of it now so I welcome all the changes.

So this is what it has looked like for the last three days, the first picture is from the little park that I go to. I also spent some time reading a good book while I was there, need to take breaks from studying every once in a while. The second picture from one of the two canals here, I went for an easy jog/walk on Thursday and took a few photos. The scenery is usually quite nice, especially since there aren’t many parks here so it is nice to see some water and trees and stuff. There are always lots of ducks and sometimes swans around as well.

I also had to go stock up on sunscreen because I didn’t have any. Boots had all the Piz Buin Products on offer,  buy one get one free so I got a an oil spray which is supposed to intensify the tan and also a normal sun spray. My legs are sort of getting a tan so maybe the oil is working (my legs never tan). I also bought some screen for my face and after sun lotion, all very important and necessary especially in the 25 degree heat. I usually burn very easily so I am trying to avoid that this time because I want to be able to spend as much time in the sun as possible before it gets colder again.

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I bought this Carmex lip balm last week from Boots after seeing it on another blog. I was actually in a need for a new one so it was a necessary purchase. This is seriously the best lip balm I have ever used, feel ridiculous to be so excited about something so small but I am. I get very dry lips easily and I have a bad habit of picking them and then it just becomes a vicious cycle. But that is now coming to an end and my lips feel a lot nice are smoother than they have felt for a while. I also like the tingling sensation on my lips that it leaves after you apply it.

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Here comes the Sun


I am so happy it is finally warm in Manchester, I have been waiting for the summer for months. I’m just excited to wear shorts and dresses again. This Tory Burch top is so cute and would go with so many things. I am also really liking the oversized cat eye sunglasses and I can’t go anywhere without a watch and this Hermes one looks like bracelet. The Chanel obviously doesn’t need an explanation, it’s just perfect with everything.

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Last week’s workouts

Monday: spinning 45min
Tuesday: Weights/circuit class + 20min running on the treadmill
Wednesday: Spinning 45min
Thursday: –

Friday: Spinning 50min
Saturday: gym + cross trainer, 50min
Sunday: I was supposed to go for a run but got stuck in front of the computer and studied so I had the day off.

Wasn’t the best week but I can always try to improve for this week. Usually I got to Body Pump on Tuesdays but for some reason the instructor never showed up last week so they had to bring another guy in to give us something to do. I also haven’t gone swimming in ages which is not a very good thing but I think I will definitely be going next week because my gym membership ends on  the 31st. Then I have to survive the whole of June without a gym so hopefully I will be able to do quite a bit of running and swimming then and also cycling once I get to Switzerland.

yesterday they had the Great Manchester run here. The race finished right outside of my flat so I was able to go see Haile Gebreselassi win the men’s elite race and Linea Masai the women’s race. It looked like a fun race, I would have liked to run it as well. Seeing other people run makes me want to go running and this week it is supposed to be really warm in Manchester so maybe I could even get a tan if I ran during the day:D. 

I had my first exam today, only two more left before I am done with my undergraduate degree! Just a week left of studying and then I won’t have to worry about exams until I go and do a masters degree.

Pictures: Reasons to be fit, Tumblr

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Holiday Fever

I am dying to go on a holiday to somewhere that is really warm and far away. A year ago I went to Thailand with my family and I would love to go somewhere similar again, with a beach, sun and sea and good food. And palm trees. I want to go somewhere where I can just lie on the beach all day and do absolutely nothing. Anyway, it is not going to happen this summer because I just have too much going on right now. Maybe next summer or around Easter or something. In a few weeks I am going to London and hopefully by then it will be sunny and warm in England as well. I am hoping to run a 10km race while I’m there but I will have to wait and see how I get on with my shin and calve problems I have at the moment. Originally I wanted to run the Great Manchester run but I decided to opt out because of my shins. 

Every summer I look forward to going to Finland, I used to go a few times a year but now I only have time to go during the summer. During the school year I travel mostly between Manchester and Zurich to go home for the holidays. It is nice to go to Finland, we always stay at our summer house which I used to think was the most boring thing ever but now I really enjoy it. At least when i get to use the car to get out there when I feel like it haha. It is very different from big cities, very quiet and small but it is nice to visit my family because I don’t get to see them very often, and some old friends. I really can’t wait to spend some time with one of my best friends there because I haven’t seen her for almost two years because she moved abroad. 

Last year my grandparents got the cutest little pug, he was still a puppy last summer but now he is all grown up and I look forward to playing with him again. I’d love to get a dog but I just can’t have one right now but maybe in a few years. And now I need to get back to studying, I have an exam on Monday and I am getting distracted with everything, especially with ice hockey. Finland’s game against Russia today was so depressing!

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