Rosie Huntington-Whiteley

I was just browsing online the other day when I came across this picture of Rosie Huntington-Whiteley. I think she is so gorgeous. What also caught my eye was her simply outfit, just a striped sleeveless top, light skinny jeans and sandals. Plus her amazing Celine Luggage tote in green suede (I think it is suede?). I would definitely wan’t to wear something like this when it finally gets warm here, now it has only been around 11 or 12 degrees and it is almost the end of May!! I think this outfit could look really good with some slouchy boyfriend jeans as well or with a pair of cropped jeans. I think this quote pretty much summarises everything that I think of when it comes to style:

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Egypt 2008

I was going through some old holiday pictures and came across these ones from Egypt. I went there on a school trip in October 2008, feels like it was ages ago. The first three days we spent at this Mediterranean Centre for Sustainable Development because it was a school trip and it has to include some sort of education. I really can’t remember much about the things that we learnt. The place was in the middle of nowhere with absolutely nothing around it so it did get a bit boring after a while. After that we went to Cairo for another two or three days.

They had lots of animals at the centre, I liked the camels because you don’t really get to see them a lot in Manchester or Switzerland haha. I got to ride the little horse for a bit as well, it was very different from the horses in Europe. Working on a school project, I think we were supposed to build a pyramid out of the white blocks.

Sunset over the Nile, this was still at the centre.

We got to ride the camels as well. First we took the bus a bit further away from the pyramids and then we rode the camels back to the pyramids, maybe for about half an hour. It was lots of fun, unfortunately I don’t have any pictures of that. We also went inside one of the pyramids but you weren’t allowed to photograph there. We also visited the mosque and the bazaar Khan el-Khalili, it was packed with people trying to sell you stuff or trying to buy you with an X amount of camels. Bargaining is the way of life and you should never pay the amount they ask for. I bought some scarves when I was there but I should have bought more with the prices.

This trip definitely wasn’t like your usual beach holiday but it was interesting. It was quite a lot to take though, not sure if I would want to Egypt again. But I saw the pyramids and rode a camel and those are the main things you are supposed to do in Egypt, right? Anyway, seeing these pictures makes me want to go on a holiday even more but sadly I won’t be able to go away this summer. I am going to London for a few weeks in June, then going back for July to start my new job and then at the end of July I am going to Finland for two weeks I think. There is always next summer though, I already spoke to my friend and we decided to go on a girls’ holiday next summer. Hopefully we will actually organise it but we’ll see.

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Wanted: Leopard Print Scarf

I am a bit slow to warm up for new things but right now I am dying for this Louis Vuitton scarf. Its beautiful and looks amazing on everyone and I want to wear it with everything. Unfortunately (or maybe it is a good thing?) this scarf costs £490 so I won’t be buying it anytime soon or maybe ever. I haven’t seen any other scarf that would match the size of this one and that is one of the main reasons I like this one because it is ridiculously big. But I will keep looking, let me know if you’ve spotted similar ones anywhere.

Picture: Louis Vuitton

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Loving the Looks

I don’t know why the quality of this photo is so rubbish but I love the outfit she is wearing, especially the skirt. Really summery and it looks cute with the print on the shirt.

Elin Kling always looks amazing, I love the Chanel with the Converse.  Fir a while now I have really wanted a pair of the Converse shoes but then again I am not sure if I would get bored of them and then wouldn’t really wear them. They sure look good on others though.
These cat eye sunglasses are everywhere and they seem to look good on a lot of people. I especially like the big ones like these. I might have to try them on in some high street shop, they are quite trendy I think so i wouldn’t spend a lot of money on something that no one will be wearing in a year or two.

Pictures: Tumblr

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Summer, Strawberries and Champagne

Things I want to do right now:
1. Read a good book
2. Finish my exams and celebrate the fact I got through university
3. Go for a picnik
4. Wear light colours and go somewhere sunny

5. Look awesome at all times
6. Go on a holiday to somewhere warm
7. Go for another picnik
8. Have a tan and wear lots of colours

9. Own a horse again
10. Learn to look chic with minimum effort
11. Eat chocolate covered strawberries
12. Drink champagne with my best friend and not worry about the exams or future or anything

Pictures: Larisa-Loveley, Classy in the city

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Simply Beach Lingerie

Sponsored post

A few weeks ago I was contacted by Simply Beach and I was asked if I could feature their lingerie department on my blog. I was pleasantly surprised when I visited the site, I had never heard of Simply Beach before and didn’t know what to expect. They are a UK based swimwear and lingerie online store with a huge selection of different brands. They have a gorgeous range of different kinds of underwear, everything from sports bras to bridal lingerie, shapewear and nightwear. The brands vary from Wonderbra to Triumph to Ellen MacPherson Intimates. I think the prices are also very reasonable for such well known lingerie brands, generally ranging from £20 to £45. You can find their lingerie department here.

The people at Simply Beach were also kind enough to let me select something from their lingerie department. Since I am absolutely useless at buying new bras I though I would take the opportunity and add something new in that department. I have heard lots of good things about Wonderbra so I thought I would go for something from them. This bra actually looks a lot bigger than what it is because there is more fabric below the underwire than usual. The sides also extend further back than with normal bras, making the cup look bigger than it actually is but it is also very supportive and really comfortable.

I received my package in 2 days from when it was dispatched and it arrived straight to my door. I could definitely order from them again, the size I got fit me well even though I have never ordered underwear online before. It was very easy to browse for different things and you can find whatever you are looking for with ease.  Plus there are some good offers on at the moment, £10 off strapless Wonderbra bras, 20% off Lepel. Thank you again Simply Beach for asking me to feature them:)

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Kiehl’s Ultra Facial Cream

I bought this face cream a few weeks ago while I was actually looking for a new foundation. It was really an impulse buy at the Kiehl’s counter in House of Fraser but it has turned out to be a very good purchase. I have never really owned a face cream before, I usually just put some body lotion on my face whenever it feels dry. Now when the weather is getting warmer my skin doesn’t get as dry as it does in the winter, a body lotion or cream feels too thick and heavy, especially in the mornings. This facial cream has been amazing, it moisturises so well and leaves my skin looking and feeling soft and hydrated. It will last for a while so I can’t say if I will be buying it again but at this point I would definitely recommend it. I have a very normal skin type so if you have a very dry skin you might need something stronger than this.

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