Last week’s workouts

Monday: spinning 45min
Tuesday: Weights/circuit class + 20min running on the treadmill
Wednesday: Spinning 45min
Thursday: –

Friday: Spinning 50min
Saturday: gym + cross trainer, 50min
Sunday: I was supposed to go for a run but got stuck in front of the computer and studied so I had the day off.

Wasn’t the best week but I can always try to improve for this week. Usually I got to Body Pump on Tuesdays but for some reason the instructor never showed up last week so they had to bring another guy in to give us something to do. I also haven’t gone swimming in ages which is not a very good thing but I think I will definitely be going next week because my gym membership ends on  the 31st. Then I have to survive the whole of June without a gym so hopefully I will be able to do quite a bit of running and swimming then and also cycling once I get to Switzerland.

yesterday they had the Great Manchester run here. The race finished right outside of my flat so I was able to go see Haile Gebreselassi win the men’s elite race and Linea Masai the women’s race. It looked like a fun race, I would have liked to run it as well. Seeing other people run makes me want to go running and this week it is supposed to be really warm in Manchester so maybe I could even get a tan if I ran during the day:D. 

I had my first exam today, only two more left before I am done with my undergraduate degree! Just a week left of studying and then I won’t have to worry about exams until I go and do a masters degree.

Pictures: Reasons to be fit, Tumblr

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