Egypt 2008

I was going through some old holiday pictures and came across these ones from Egypt. I went there on a school trip in October 2008, feels like it was ages ago. The first three days we spent at this Mediterranean Centre for Sustainable Development because it was a school trip and it has to include some sort of education. I really can’t remember much about the things that we learnt. The place was in the middle of nowhere with absolutely nothing around it so it did get a bit boring after a while. After that we went to Cairo for another two or three days.

They had lots of animals at the centre, I liked the camels because you don’t really get to see them a lot in Manchester or Switzerland haha. I got to ride the little horse for a bit as well, it was very different from the horses in Europe. Working on a school project, I think we were supposed to build a pyramid out of the white blocks.

Sunset over the Nile, this was still at the centre.

We got to ride the camels as well. First we took the bus a bit further away from the pyramids and then we rode the camels back to the pyramids, maybe for about half an hour. It was lots of fun, unfortunately I don’t have any pictures of that. We also went inside one of the pyramids but you weren’t allowed to photograph there. We also visited the mosque and the bazaar Khan el-Khalili, it was packed with people trying to sell you stuff or trying to buy you with an X amount of camels. Bargaining is the way of life and you should never pay the amount they ask for. I bought some scarves when I was there but I should have bought more with the prices.

This trip definitely wasn’t like your usual beach holiday but it was interesting. It was quite a lot to take though, not sure if I would want to Egypt again. But I saw the pyramids and rode a camel and those are the main things you are supposed to do in Egypt, right? Anyway, seeing these pictures makes me want to go on a holiday even more but sadly I won’t be able to go away this summer. I am going to London for a few weeks in June, then going back for July to start my new job and then at the end of July I am going to Finland for two weeks I think. There is always next summer though, I already spoke to my friend and we decided to go on a girls’ holiday next summer. Hopefully we will actually organise it but we’ll see.

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4 Responses to Egypt 2008

  1. Egypt is one of the top places on my list of places I HAVE to visit! looks nice 🙂

    • Meri says:

      I think it is definitely worth a visit but if I chose to go again I would probably go to proper holiday resort further away from cairo:)

  2. karvasieni says:

    Heii kivan erilainen blogi sulla! 🙂

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