Wanted: Leopard Print Scarf

I am a bit slow to warm up for new things but right now I am dying for this Louis Vuitton scarf. Its beautiful and looks amazing on everyone and I want to wear it with everything. Unfortunately (or maybe it is a good thing?) this scarf costs £490 so I won’t be buying it anytime soon or maybe ever. I haven’t seen any other scarf that would match the size of this one and that is one of the main reasons I like this one because it is ridiculously big. But I will keep looking, let me know if you’ve spotted similar ones anywhere.

Picture: Louis Vuitton

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2 Responses to Wanted: Leopard Print Scarf

  1. Milja says:


    Tsekkaa toi ! En tiedä miten tykkäät Ebayssa ostella mutta tolla myyjällä on ainakin 100% positive feedback 🙂

    • Meri says:

      En oo ikinä ostanu ebaysta mitään mut toi kyl näyttää aika hyvältä mut vähän arveluttaa et hajooko toi käsiin kun se on noin halpa ja tulee kiinasta:/ Mut pitää miettiä, ei toi nyt kauheesti köyhdyttäis:D

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