Working out with style

New workout clothes always make working out so much more exciting. I know, they shouldn’t be the only motivator but if a new pink top makes you want to go to the gym more often then why not? I rarely buy new workout clothes even though I should, my running tights are falling of and have to be pulled up every two minutes. I think that is a sign that I should get a new pair. The other day I spent some time checking out new sports wear. I’d like some lose capris for the gym, if I had these items I’d probably wear this outfit all the time and everywhere; to take my exams, to go shopping, meeting friends etc. I posted about some high top trainers ages ago, I still want a pair and now I really like these red-ish ones from Nike.

I would wear this outfit to the gym or for a run in the summer. I am obsessed with these Nike Pro shorts and the same longer trousers as well, they look amazing. I also have a really old pair of Nike Frees which look nothing like these new ones. They old version is so much uglier lol. When I was in Switzerland I wore my sisters pair all the time, they are just so comfortable. I like my workout clothes to be colourful (even though I seem to have mostly black clothes) because I get to wear much brighter thins I would normally wear.

I actually have this tank top from Nike, just in blue. The material is different from my usual workout tops but I really like it. I also like the cut because the top is longer than normal you don’t constantly have to pull it down. I picked the jumper for this collage because I would want something like to wear during my warm up and cool down in the gym because sometimes I get a bit cold afterwards and it would be nice to put a loose jumper on for stretching.

Making this post has actually motivated me to go work out. I think I will be going for a run later and then I’ll watch the Finland-Canada ice hockey game, should be very exciting! Now I am trying to study for my German exam, it is tomorrow and I still have a lot to do.

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