My Favourite Jewellery

I am not a very big jewellery person and I actually have very little jewellery. However, I really like all of my earrings and bracelets and I wear them all the time. I usually wear one necklace on day to day basis and I almost never take it off so that is something I should maybe work on so I would get more wear out of the few necklaces I own.                                                       I actually haven’t bought any of the jewellery by myself, it has always been Christmas or birthday gifts. The Thomas Sabo bracelet on top right was a present from Max on my 21st birthday. The pearl bracelet is also from Thomas Sabo and I got it for my graduation from some family friends. The other three on the bottom right have also been Christmas presents and I also have a blue cuff from the same brand but I didn’t take a picture of that. I really like all of these and I wear them a lot, especially both of the Thomas Sabos. Even though I wear bracelets quite a lot, I never go anywhere without my earrings. 

These four pairs are pretty much the only earrings I wear. I have a few other pairs but they definitely don’t get as much wear as these ones. The Chanel studs are my newest pair and my absolute favourites at the same time. They are quite blingy but I think they can also be worn during the day and I do wear them just to go to work or uni and with more casual outfits. I love the pearls as well, they are the oldest pair out of these and I definitely wear them the most. Both pairs at the bottom are from Swarovski, first ones are a graduation present and the second pair is from Max. The left ones are actually quite big so I don’t wear them as much as all the other ones but I do wear them a lot on nights out and in the evenings.

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One Response to My Favourite Jewellery

  1. Nanne says:

    Lovely collection! I don’t wear much jewelry either, on a daily basis I only wear my wedding ring, my wristwatch and a pair of earrings – I’m a big fan of hoops in all sizes (except from the really big ones) and long dangly ones. I do however own some pieces of really nice jewelry that I wear for special occasions:)

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