Bags bags bags

If money wasn’t an issue, I would probably bring most of these bags home with me in various colours. They are all at least some sorts of classics, or at least becoming one (Celine Box Bag).

So to name some of these, there is the Hermes Birkin in multiple colours (Centre left and top right). If I will ever be able to buy this bag it will be such a hard decision to choose the colour. Black is simple and classic but I also think the orange Birkin is one of the classics and it looks just amazing and luxurious. But I guess it is so hard to actually get your hands on a Birkin that I would just take whatever I was offered.

The Chanel flap bag has slowly grown on me, I didn’t used to like it very much. Now I love the Jumbo size because it fits much more into it and it is more of a day bag, whereas the smaller size is better for the evenings. My ultimate favourite colours would be black and nude with silver hardware and in caviar leather. The lamb skin leather looks soft and luxurious but I prefer bags that I don’t need to baby and apparently lamb leather is more prone to scratches so I would be worried that I would ruin the bag. Next one up would be the Lady Dior in large (2nd in the middle row, bottom left) again in black and nude patent leather and with silver hardware. It is another iconic bag that can be worn at almost any age and with anything. I really want this or the Chanel within the next year or so (if I am lucky) and I am having a hard time deciding which one I would prefer. They are both increasing their prices quite often, but Chanel is still more expensive even though Dior seems to be catching up. The sooner I can get my hands on one of them the better. 

The other two bags in the collage are from Celine and Bottega Veneta. I never used to like these BV bags until I once saw a girl on the train with a black one and it looked absolutely amazing. They have lots of different colours and if I could I would definitely get one of them even though it might not be the first one on my wishlist. The Celine Box Bag is becoming an icon already. It first came out a few years ago (?) and it comes in a few different sizes and colours and it can be worn as a clutch or crossbody. I usually prefer bags that I can carry on my shoulder or hand held ones but there is something about this bag I absolutely love. It is so simple and structured but looks great day and night and with almost everything.

What would your dream bag be if there was no limit?

Pictures: Bottega Veneta, Dior, Tumblr

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