A London Weekend

I spent the bank holiday weekend visiting Max in London. I really like going there, there is always lots of things to do and places to visit where I haven’t been before. On Saturday we spent a good few hours  at the Borough Market drooling over food, but we did actually buy something to cook for dinner. The vegetable selection is amazing and there are lots of stalls selling cheese and breads as well. You can also eat lunch there, it is mostly different kinds of sandwiches. They also sell fish and meat but we were a bit disappointed with the selection and the prices. If you ever decide to go there I suggest you go as early as possible because around 12 the whole place is packed and full of tourists and it gets a bit difficult to move around. We went on a Saturday though which is probably the busiest day of the week. 

On Sunday we actually got a bit of sunshine and we decided to take a walk along the canal. Instead of walking we actually took some Boris bikes and drove around and to Victoria park which is a pretty big and beautiful park in East London. The bikes were really convenient, I felt a bit unstable and unsafe at first riding next to the canal but it got a lot easier in the park with more space. I’ve seen lots of these bikes in central London as well but I am not sure if I would want to bike in that traffic and in the middle of all the people. 

Yesterday we went to do some shopping and luckily I found what I needed in the first shop, that never happens! So it was a very successful shopping trip, I usually get annoyed when I can’t find anything because I am so picky. It also started raining at that point we went for tea at Caffe Concerto next to Piccadilly Circus. It looked really cute and nice but the service wasn’t great. I only had tea so I can’t really say anything about their food but they had lots of cakes and pastries that looked very yummy. Later on we walked to Soho and had lunch at Busaba Eathai which was great. It is a Thai food chain and you eat in large tables which you share with other people. The food was very good and quite cheap as well so I was happy (or just so starved at that point that I didn’t care what the food tasted like). 

Now I have to do some washing up and tidying, there is a viewing in my flat tomorrow and I won’t be here so I want this place to look decent. Have a nice evening:)

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2 Responses to A London Weekend

  1. Nanne says:

    Nice, I’d love to visit London some time! I’ve actualle been there once, but it’s a really long time ago, I was only 16 years old and stayed there for three days as part of a summer language course:)

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