Summer inspiration

So I only have less than 4 weeks left before I finally finish university and can enjoy freedom (well only for a few weeks, I will be working for two weeks after my exams to make some money) until I start my new job in the beginning of July. I really can’t wait for it, it is my first real full time job and  I am excited to go back to Switzerland and to learn lots of new stuff. Since I will be working in a rather large office I will need some additions to my wardrobe in terms of work wear. When I visited the office it seemed like the dress code is rather casual and I saw a lot of people wearing jeans and casual tops. I will be working in finance so if I were able to wear jeans to work it would make my life so much easier:D

I though I would look up some outfits and items I’d like to wear for work in the summer and just summer wear in general. I spent most of last summer in Manchester, first working in a clothing shop where I had to wear the same t-shirt every day and after that in an office. So I got very little wear out of my shorts and summer clothes and the English summer isn’t very warm in general. Hopefully I will have a bit more luck this summer when it comes to wearing shorts and dresses. I hadn’t even been to any shops in for almost 2 months, (I think?) but I finally got to do a bit of shopping today. I bought a few tops from Banana Republic, I had never really been there before so it was a positive surprise. I have been in London all weekend and we don’t have a Banana Republic in Manchester.

I adore this look but I am not sure I could pull of this colour in such a large volume. Even though my hair is not as blond as it used to be, I have a feeling it would look too Barbie-esque on me. A wrap dress however, seems to be an easy solution for the summer, looks great on everyone and every shape and doesn’t look too casual. Plus nude heels look amazing.In this photo I really like the combination of the white shirt an nude/light pink blazer. I would wear it with a lighter coloured bottom part, maybe a skirt or shorts or light jeans for the summer.

I always like whatever Victoria Beckham tends to wear. Here I really like the top picture because of the cardigan. In most pictures I see of her, she’s wearing a big coat or a sharp blazer so it nice to see her in something a bit different. And the colour combination is cute and summery, not sure if I could wear so much white without it getting dirty. The second dress is from her own  SS11 collection, I really love this dress. She also trusts nude shoes with a pink dress. 

Well this wasn’t a very extensive list of anything but a few things I found cute and interesting. I have been addicted to instagram recently so I’ll post soon some photos I have taken this weekend while I’ve been in London.

Pictures: Zimbio, Couture Candy and Celebrity Style Guide 

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2 Responses to Summer inspiration

  1. Nanne says:

    Great styles, I love the coral wrap dress and the nude blazer-combo:) And nude pumps are a must, I got a pair from New Look and they’re absolutely amazing!

    • Meri says:

      Ooh I haven’t been to New Look in ages, I should go check it out soon because you can make really great finds in there.

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