Monday morning run

Yesterday morning I decided to go for a run, it was a perfect weather for running, quite cool but bright and sunny. Last time I tried to go running it was very painful so this time I just went slowly and tried to be careful with my legs. I also ran in my Nike Frees which I haven’t used for a while and could really feel the difference from my Saucony shoes. My calves got tired faster  than usual and it was harder to keep my posture when I got tired. I was happy afterwards though, hopefully I will be able to go again later this week.A view from the canal where I run quite often. 

This is a little park outside of my flat and it is a perfect place for stretching after a run. It will be even better when it gets warmer and greener and I can go read a book in there and enjoy the sun.

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6 Responses to Monday morning run

  1. Nanne says:

    I wish I could do my running in the morninig, but I have to be at work before 8 a.m. and there’s no way I’ll be able to get out of bed that early! I did however go for a run yesterday evening, and it was hard because I haven’t been running for 7 weeks due to a health issue. Phew! Are the Saucony shoes good? So far I’ve been running in my Nike’s too and have found them a nice fit for my feet and running style, but I’m always open to suggestions!

    • Meri says:

      I’ve been really happy with the Sauconys, my pair is really light with a very light cushioning. They are more supportive than these nikes but then again these Nike frees have absolutely no support or cushioning. I am haing hard time running at the moment because of some shin and calve issues but trying to get through them:)

  2. Natasha says:

    This is adorable!

    I found your blog through a post you made on IFB and I’m really glad I did! I’m now following you & looking forward to new posts 🙂


    Natasha from The Chic Curve

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