Like I said a few posts ago, it is finally spring and I am dying for the warm weather. I have much more energy for everything and want to go out a lot more. And of course I can pack away my winter clothes and dream about summer and holidays. However, most of this summer will be spent in an office just like the whole of next year but I do get to take some time off. After I finish uni and move out of this tiny apartment I’ll go to London for a few weeks. I start work at the beginning of July but at the end of July or beginning of August I am going to Finland for a little bit. I haven’t been since last summer so I am really looking forward to it, especially just being in the middle of nowhere but also seeing some old friends.This is the perfect outfit for the summer, I am still looking for the perfect white shirt. I also need to start updating my wardrobe with some office appropriate pieces. Really can’t wait to start the new job!I would love to spend time in a place like this, perfect for horse riding. I went riding a few times when I was Switzerland and I do miss it quite a bit. I don’t mind not horse riding when I am in England but I think I will take it up again regularly once I move back to Switzerland.I haven’t bought a new handbag for almost two years! I think I definitely should get a new bag after I have finished uni. but there are so many to choose from, I would love a jumbo Chanel Flap but the price of it is just ridiculous. I also really like the large Lady Dior and it is almost the same price with the Chanel now with the crazy price increases.

This was a bit of a random post without any specific topics. I just have quite a lot going on and I am trying to cram everything into one post since I haven’t been writing much recently :D.

Pictures: Classy In The City

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