Back in Manchester

Now I am back in Manchester after three weeks in Switzerland that went way too fast as always. Luckily I’ll be moving back there in June to work for a year. It was such a relieve to actually get a job and figure out what I will be doing after graduation because the whole year has been quite stressful. I didn’t want to continue straight to a Masters program but I wanted to get some work experience and it seems impossible to get a graduate job in the UK at the moment. Well now I have less than two months left at university and after that I will be done! I cannot wait. I have one assignment due in a few week and then I have 4 exams so May will be quite intense but the 28th is my last day as an undergraduate student.

I would really like to get back to blogging more often. I do have ideas of what to wrote about but I don’t have a camera and I don’t always want to post pictures from the internet. I downloaded the android Instagram today and tried it out a little bit tonight, maybe I’ll try use that. Blogging is also a good excuse to take a break from studying after a long day in the library:P On a lighter note, I am happy it slowly getting warmer. The first week in Switzerland was super warm but sadly it is only about 10 degrees in Manchester at the moment. So it is much more fun trying to decide what to wear (from my minimal wardrobe, I have no clothes!) and its nicer to run outside. I want to sign up for the Great Manchester run (10k) but my shin splints have been awful and running is very painful.

Yay Instagram, I can see myself getting very addicted to it. A pile of uni stuff that I should be working on and I haven’t even checked my timetable for next week. I would much rather be reading a good book, like this one: Diana Gabaldon’s Drums of Autumn, a brilliant book, the whole Outlander series is so addicting. Another good thing about being in Switzerland, I always read much more books and spend less time on the computer. I’m off to bed now, I want to go to the library tomorrow to get some work done and its better to go early.

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