I went to Paris with my BF for a few days between Christmas and New Years. I loved it, I had never been in Paris before so we did lots of touristy stuff and walked around a lot. Unfortunately the weather wasn’t really on our side and it rained a lot. We did get some sunshine ever once in a while though! Food there was amazing, I should have taken pictures of the restaurant we went to the first evening because it was beautiful and the food was sooo good. Well my food was amazing but poor Max had a pig’s foot. Not a good choice, there was nothing to eat and it looked gross:D


 This a statue of Voltaire, he was buried in the crypt below the Pantheon.

Notre Dame. We went inside to have a look and also visited the treasury but we didn’t go up to the tower. 

This is from day two. We went to see the Louvre but when we got there we realised we dot there way too late and we should have gotten tickets in advance. The queue was ridiculously long so we decided to just walk around and not even try to get in.

So here were some pictures from the first two days, I’m off to the gym now so I will add more pictures from the rest of the trip later.

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2 Responses to Paris

  1. venla says:

    Glad you’re back! ja louvres on ihan liikaa nähtävää yhelle kerralle et hyvä ettette päässy 🙂

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