The Kooples

A new brand that I have come a cross recently is The Kooples, I first saw their concession is Selfridges here in Manchester and they have recently opened their own store here as well. I have no bought anything from them yet, mainly because I haven’t been able the justify the price for myself. The colours are quite masculine and the colours are dark and muted. The quality seems good and the clothes feel really nice, I especially like their shirts and trousers so hopefully I will end up buying from them sometime soonish. I picked out a few of my favourite pieces from their online store, I really like the burgundy blazer and the black parka. I really want to buy a winter parka or something of that sort but all the ones I find and really like tend to be too expensive. It would be perfect for the cold mornings when you just want to stay home and hide under the covers but unfortunately you are going to have to drag yourself to work/lectures.  The blazers in the first two pictures are the same one but for some reason the colour seems completely different. The colour in the first picture is closer to the real colour I think because I saw this blazer just a few days ago. The collar on the shirt is very cute, they have lots of shirts with little details like that.

Pictures: The Kooples

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