I <3 MCR

I wanted to write about Manchester because there has been a lot going on here recently. The riots were on a while ago and a lot of places got broken into and there was a fire set on one high street shop. Manchester Pride was also on the city was packed with people all weekend. Also my friend from Finland came over for a weekend, it was really nice to see her especially since I only go to Finland about once a year.

 These were taken after the riots, lots of places put boards in front of their windows after the glass was broken but also as a precaution for the next day when it was unsure if the rioters were going to come back. The Diesel store got broken into and all this was on the windows a day later. 

A lot of shops have recently opened in Spinningfields, mostly more high end stores and a few shopes like Mulberry and Kurt Geiger have moved from the city centre. Spinningfields is also the Manchester financial centre with all the banks located there. There are also some nice bars and restaurants and I think they are planning on opening more stores as well (it’s a good alternative for the busy city centre, especially on Saturdays). 

There is also a church of Scientology on Deansgate and every once in a while you get people like this in front of it:D

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