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I started writing this post over a week ago but for some reason I left it and never finished it but here it is now. As much as I hoped for a nice summer in Manchester, it hasn’t happened and now the weather is getting even worse and it is really starting to feel like autumn. It is raining all the time and it is getting colder. It is also nice in a way because I know I’ll be able to wear knits and boots instead of having to dress for this in between weather that is too cold for shorts but too warm for jackets. I made two collages of what I want to wear this autumn, they are not very extensive but they give an idea of the look I like.
All the coats are from Burberry, I think they have an amazing collection of coats and jackets and often you find very similar items on the high street or from other shops. I would obviously love a Burberry trench but at the moment I have a very sufficient trench coat from Massimo Dutti that will be fine for a while (well I have to get it back from Switzerland and then I’ll be able to wear it again). I love the quilted jackets, especially the one with a high collar.

These jumpers are from Mango and they look really cute but after I found them online and made this collage I actually tried both of the above colours on and they didn’t fit me at all. Unfortunate but cable knits seem to be everywhere this autumn so it shouldn’t be too difficult to find something similar and with a better fit. Above there is also a bag that I have absolutely been dying for, especially the purple one. I think I have mentioned my dream bags about a million times on the blog and also said what bag will be my next bag but that seems to change quite often so I am not going to repeat it (well I hope it will be this one but we’ll have to see).

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