Love Micoach

A while back I wrote about running and how I started running. Now I thought I’d share with you my favourite geeky running tool which is Adidas micoach. It is an online training log/coach but there is also an android phone application (not sure if you can get it on iphone). I have been using it for 1.5 months or something like that and I think running would be a lot more boring without it. Basically what you do is that you set yourself a goal and a time period in which you want to achieve that goal (be reasonable!). At the moment my goal is to run 10km in 50 minutes by the end of the year if I stay injury free. This is what my training plan looks like:
 Today is the 29th even though I’ll publish this post on the 30th and it is shown by the green square. The grey days are days when I missed training and past days when I trained show the training time. For example on Sunday I ran for 47 minutes. The different coloured bars show the type of training planned and different colours represent different levels of intensity.

This picture is from my run on Tuesday and the data is collected with the android application that uses GPS. The picture shows how well I stayed within the different zones(not very well yesterday, had a hard time slowing down). On the top it shows the time, distance, calories, average pace and elevation. It also shows me the speed for each kilometre but I haven’t got a picture for that.

Dashboard. This shows the summary of lifetime statistics, last workout, the next workout and training progress.

The picture is quite self-explanatory.
Before I started using this I used mapmyrun, online and the android application. It is similar to micoach that it uses GPS but I don’t think it is that good. It gives you the overall distance, calories, average pace and speed and the number of splits. With micoach you can constantly see your pace and there is a voice telling you to slow down or to speed up or if you have to change to a different zone. It is addictive.


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