Tucked In

I have no idea which Olsen twin this is but I really love the outfit. Very simple and elegant but still young and cool at the same time. Also very easy to copy because all you need is a light coloured shirt and a pair of low waist skinny jeans. Perfect. I love the big, chunky watch and I know Michael Kors makes some watches in this style for around £200 or less. I wear a watch every single day and almost never take mine off because I feel weird without it. Mine is rather small and simple but I would love to own a big statement watch that can add on to outfits.

Picture: Loving these Looks

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10 Responses to Tucked In

  1. Such a cool outfit. But I bet it’d look so boring on me because I don’t have Olsen genes – boohoo.


    • Meri says:

      haha I don’t think it couldn’t go wrong on anyone really, I’m sure you could create your own, unboring version of it that would suit you:)

  2. The girl in Oslo says:

    Wow what a great picture of this girl:)

    Have a great day:)
    God luck with your job, lets hope you get it:)

  3. Alisha Ross says:

    Hey that O twin is Ashley, you can tell cos her style is more classic. I’ve got a Michael Kors watch myself, definitely recommend, complete staple in my wardrobe. Love that entire outfit.

  4. It’s a great look, but it requires a slender frame though:) Check out Asos for reasonable priced statement watches – I love my gold and silver coloured stainless boyfriend watch!

  5. verychiclist says:

    very nice look, you’re right; simple and easy, I’d say perfect, I use this look, shirt and jeans very often in my days, wayfarer too, except for the watch, I prefer thin ones cause they are light to wear all the day…I can’t recognize the Olsens too!:)

  6. i have had this image in my ‘style file’ forever. I love the simplicity and absolute stylishness of it.

  7. Anonymous says:

    Ostin itse joku aika sitten Michael Korsin kellon. Vaikka onkin halpa kelloks, on se tosi hyvä. Sulle Meri sopis tällänen tyyli kun tossa kuvassa! Hyvää kesän jatkoa 🙂

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