Mrs Beckham

I have never really had any sort of style icons, I tend to like random people’s outfits and occasional celebrity styles. However, I have kept an eye on Victoria Beckham for the past year or so, and I always like her style. Most of the time she looks strict and professional, wears a lot of black, always has got sunglasses on and she obviously has a massive Hermes collection. Even though it seems like she always wears black, I was able to find several more colourful outfits and also so more casual outfits, especially now that she is pregnant she seems to be wearing much more loose tops and dresses. 

The picture in the centre of the last collage is probably the most recent picture I have. The dress is from her own collection and I also saw her wearing a purple version of it. I think she looks lovely in that picture, the long hair suits and makes her look softer and friendlier. The bag in the centre picture of the second collage is also from her own collection, sadly it costs at least £1700 and it is sold out on NAP. Anyway, if you don’t like her, watch some of her interviews on youtube and you’ll see that she is hilarious and has a good sense of humour.

Pictures: Zimbio, Celebrity Style Guide 

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One Response to Mrs Beckham

  1. I’m a fan of VB’s style, she always looks so polished.

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