Celebrity style

I am not very a big follower of celebrities and their styles but I do really like Lauren Conrad. Her style is always classic and quite simple and easy to copy. However, her outfit is not the main reason I posted this picture, it is the big hair bun. I think it looks really cute but not too dressy and I can imagine it can’t be too hard to copy. I like to wear my hair up, especially when the weather is really hot and a pony tail gets a bit boring after a while.

I usually like her natural make-up as well but this time I think the red lipstick doesn’t look great and makes her look a lot older. I do love the outfit though, especially the loose nude blouse and the nude pumps. What do you think?

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2 Responses to Celebrity style

  1. It’s when I see pictures like that I regret cutting my hair short, but otherwise not:) I agree on the lipstick, it’s just too dark for her.

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