Summer night

Summer night

What I would love to wear today: a slouchy knit, tailored shorts, classic flats and big sunglasses. It would be a casual but well put together look I think. Perfect for the day in town or for a drink in the evening. All I need is a warm summer night to wear that (and the items). I actually haven’t bought any clothes for a while now, the last things I bought were a few white shirts because I will always need them and a blazer for a job interview(which I didn’t get but it was a good experience).

I am still loving the Ferragamo flats, i think I posted something about them a while ago. I really like the both version, the ballerinas and the ones with the little heel. They do seem a bit granny like but I think they would probably be more comfortable than completely flat shoes. I desperately need some ballerinas, where have you bought your favourite pair? 

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2 Responses to Summer night

  1. lin says:

    The Ferragamos are so beautiful and will work for many occasions, but the bow was always just a little too pretty for me – I never managed to make mine a staple. Plus, so painful to break in! But the quality is terrific – the shape holds and with resoling, they will last for a long time, so I guess that makes it a worthy investment. I think the flats are more versatile than the low pumps.

    For basic ballerinas, I live in my Massimo Dutti flats – I love that I never had to break them in, and they are affordable too.

    • Meri says:

      I wish we had Massimo Dutti in Manchester, I really love their clothes. I think I will have to save up and actually buy the Ferragamo flats. Not sure what colour I want them in but they are just so classic that I think I need them. I’ve also been eyeing Lavin flats but I think they are very expensive and the Ferragamos look like they will last for longer.

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