Introducing the new LV

This is the new Louis Vuitton Speedy Bandouliere, its is basically the original speedy with a shoulder strap added onto it. I have never really liked the Speedy but it has started to grown on me but when I saw these pictures I immediately liked this version so much more. What I don’t like about the Speedy is the sag but in this one there are straps on the sides that seem to give the bag a bit more structure. It is such a classic bag and it can be worn so many different ways. I really love the look of the 25 but it might be a bit too small for every day use and I have heard that it is hard to get anything in and out of the bag because the opening is very small. And the bag also has an interior zipper pocket which I don’t think the speedy has. Very convenient for a phone and keys, makes life easier when you don’t have to search for them between all the stuff on the bottom of the bag.

The price for these starts from £610 for the Speedy 20 and goes up to £650 for the size 40. I have tried to decide which bag I want to purchase next and I think it has to be this one, probably  the Speedy 30. I would also love to see this bag in Damier Azur and Ebene, the Azur would be an amazing summer bag.

Pictures: PurseBlog

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4 Responses to Introducing the new LV

  1. those are really pretty, i’m sad they are out of my price range!

  2. Lindsay K says:

    Lovely images. This bag is gorgeous. I understand EXACTLY what you mean about the original bag sagging. The speedy looses all shape when it isn’t full.

    • Meri says:

      It such a shame, the bags are very pretty though when they are not sagging. They tend to look better with the base shapers I think so I would probably get one of those if I decide to buy a speedy at some point.

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