Madness takes its toll

And I am talking about running. I have already posted about horse riding which is my number one favourite sport but I have recently started running again so I thought I would write a bit about it. I first started running properly when my family moved to Switzerland and I joined the school cross country running team. Before that I had only gone for a run maybe a few times a year or less than that. So we trained three times a week for several months but the training ended in November or around that time. At that point I also stopped running and picked it up again the year after with a few runs in between. Last year at university I went to the gym all the time and in the summer I was horse riding every day but this  year when I went back to uni I haven’t been doing anything. I felt tired and lazy so when I went home for Easter holidays I started running again, first with my mom and sister and when I got back to Manchester I have been running by myself. 

Now I run three times a week and it is slowly becoming a habit and I really look forward to my weekly runs. Last week I ran four times and I am slowly trying to run more and more. I am still being careful and slightly worried because I have a history with quite bad shin splints due to overpronation so I don’t want to go through that again. So far it has been good though, I have had muscle aches and sore calves but the shins have been ok. Usually I do two shorter runs during the week, between 5 and 8km and on weekends I try to do one longer run and hopefully these will get longer and longer. 

I also like to set some goals for myself, at the moment they are all quite far in the future because I want to focus on strengthening my legs and improving my fitness. I would like to do a half marathon at some point this year or next year, mainly to challenge myself but also so to have something to train for. I would also like to do a marathon somewhere in the next 10 years so that is a very very long term goal.

That is probably enough for now, I will probably write more about running at some point because none of my friends are interested in running and seem to think it is for crazy people 😀

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10 Responses to Madness takes its toll

  1. says:

    I agree with your friends. I’d DIE if I ran 8km, seriously!

    But good for you for being motivated and healthy!

  2. lin says:

    I used to love running about two years ago and I liked the grind of long ones, and then I tapered off a bit and started doing shorter ones around my house and then I got lazy and now I only run once in a while and do yoga instead. I wish I would be motivated to do a nice 8km run again.. But running was bad for my knees, so be careful of injury!

    • Meri says:

      Hmm yes I definitely don’ want to get injured. I have a bit of pain on my knees every once in a while but I think that is quite common when you have just started running and the muscles around the knee are not very strong. I usually have a day off if I feel pain and the next time is always better:)

  3. I wish I could do 8 kms! Last summer I managed about 5 at the most but after a (too long) break I’m now down to 3,5. I did two runs last week and hope to do three this week – at least it’s a start! Do you have running shoes to counteract your pronation? I pronate, too, and getting the right shoes made all the difference. And music. There’s no way I can go running (or rather jogging) without my iPod:)

    • Meri says:

      That is a good start! I have 2 pairs of running shoes, the other ones are from asics and they are supposed to counteract pronation. When I first got them they were really good but after a while I started getting shin splints again. About 2 years ago I got a pair of Nike Frees which basically have no support at all and they help you to imitate bare foot running. I absolutely love them and they seem to work really well for me and they have also helped me to get my technique right.

  4. I ADORE running and run every other day and sometimes even short ones with the pup on the in between days, i think it keeps me sane! i had to take off last week though because we climbed a hUGE mountain and my legs were so sore, haha!

    • Meri says:

      Haha climbing a mountain sounds exactly like something you would do in Switzerland. I really hope I don’t get injured so that I can keep training and get better.

  5. CHIC says:

    Mä jaksan juosta kilsan, sitte on pakko jo kävellä hetki. Oon ihan ylpee itsestäni ku juoksen 3,5 🙂 Juokseminen on vaan jotenkin niin tylsää, kaipaan koko ajan jotain tekemistä siihen oheen. Mutta tosi moni on siitä nyt innostunut ja tuntuu, että puolimaraton on monen haaveissa.

    • Meri says:

      Kesäsin aina innostuu ja kesäiltoina on varsinkin kiva juosta kun ei oo enää niin kuuma, mutta sopivan lämmin. 3,5km on jo hyvä alku hei! Yleensä siinä käy kai niin että kun ensin jaksaa harjotella ja sit huomaa että kunto kohoaa niin sitten siitä alkaa myös tykätä enemmän:)

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