Another Spring Day

I seem to be posting only once a week now. Anyway, here are some pictures from a couple of weeks ago when it was nice and sunny but also still a bit chilly. Well it still isn’t very warm but I am hoping it will get warmer soon because I want to be able to wear lighter clothes and summer dresses.The first and last picture are from Manchester. The last one is from a walk this weekend when we walked around the Northern Quarter. I live so close to it and yet I haven’t spent much time there. There are a lot of bars and restaurants there and we also found a lovely tea place called Sugar Junk. They do Afternoon tea as well as food and cakes. The place was warm and cozy and I really enjoyed the tea and scones so I will definitely go there again as I have been looking for a place like this. Most of the cafes seem to be Neros, Costas and Starbuckses so they all get a bit boring after a while and they are always full of people. 

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  1. says:

    Have you ever been to Teacup? It’s quite expensive but so lovely and their mushroom soup is the best EVER.

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