Haha today was not a very good picture today but here’s today’s outfit which was very casual. I wore it to run some errands and meeting a friend.

And sometimes it all gets a bit frustrating when none of the pictures seem to be any good and then I feel like pulling my hair out. Anyway, it was a very casual and comfortable outfit today, I spent a lot of time in the car and I hate driving if something is too tight and uncomfortable. I’m finally using my Karen Millen bag and I just love carrying it around. The shoes are actually dark blue even though they look black or greyish in the picture. Half of the clothes are actually my sister’s, its nice to be able to borrow some of her clothes but she is not usually too pleased with it (she borrows my clothes so we are even). Maybe I shouldn’t post these outfits here, there is nothing fashionable about this but I guess there is a possibility that someone actually cares about what I wear:P.

Switzerland has been amazing so far, I have been horse riding a lot and after a 3 month break all my muscles are aching every day. I have seen some old friends and just spent a lot of time relaxing. I have a tons of work to do for university though so I will have to get started on that tomorrow, I don’t want to leave it all to the last minute. Oh and Yvan Rodic went to Manchester and posted a lot of pictures from there on his Visual Diary. Have a look, I really enjoyed seeing a lot of the familiar places photographed by a professional. Here’s my university, I go there every day (well almost every day).

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8 Responses to Casual

  1. steffy says:

    loving the scarf, and cute bag!

    ❤ steffy
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  2. T. says:

    Nice outfit!

  3. I like the outfit, I think it’s very classic and the bag and scarf really pull the look together! I wish I could borrow my sister’s clothes, but she lives 1000 kms away and is two sizes smaller so I can’t! lol!

    • Meri says:

      That’s a shame, at least I see my sister every few months and she’s is just a bit shorter than me but pretty much the same size otherwise, so borrowing her stuff is not such a big problem lol

  4. Burlesque says:

    sulla on kiva blogi! :> millä kielellä opiskelet tuola yliopistossa?

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