New style inspiration

This is Elin Kling, Sweden’s most renowned blogger with her own magazine and a H&M collection. Her blog has started to grow on me, I used to read it every once in a while but not very often because she mostly posts pictures and very little text and I usually prefer to read something as well. These outfits are my recent favourites, I think she mostly sticks to her own style and tends to spice it up a bit with some trends but not excessively. She wears a lot of black, like all the people who are in the fashion industry seem to do but she does not abstain from colour. And you actually see her wearing the same piece of clothing more than once. For example the black jeans in the first two pictures show up several times but I think the jeans in the last two images might be a different pair. Edit: I actually went and read through lots of older posts and there are several pictures of the same outfit with the white shirt and black skinny jeans.

I am in love with the second outfit with the big knit and a pair of skinny jeans and a black, simple bag. It looks so easy and casual but also very cool. I also like the fact that she is very natural and doesn’t seem to wear a lot of make up and her hair looks effortless. Another favourite is the outfit with a white shirt and black jeans, why can’t I just look like this every day? I really need to find that perfect white shirt that goes with everything for the days like this when everyone else seems to have a better wardrobe and a better sense of style. She wears very little accessories and always manages to look cool put well put-together. Looking at these images makes me feel like I don’t have many clothes that I actually want to wear at the moment, I want more loose tops to wear with skinny jeans and shorts and skirts for the summer.

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9 Responses to New style inspiration

  1. steffy says:

    i love the striped sweaters!

    ❤ steffy
    Steffys Pros and Cons

  2. Alisha Ross says:

    Love love love Elin Kling. Swear she singlehandedly made Sweeden cool and a centre for fashion. She is one of the most stylish, chic women ever.

  3. Taylor says:

    I love her style.

  4. I think she’s got a more paired down style now than she used to? Anyway, great inspiration! I also hate my wardrobe at the moment….;)

  5. Fleurette says:

    I used to read her blog occasionally but ever since she started to blog on nowmanifest, I’ve become a fangirl. I love Elin Kling

  6. martha says:

    she is sooo beautiful

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