Almost summer time

The weather is just getting warmer and warmer, here in Switzerland it has actually been over 20 degrees every day since I got here so clearly the summer is eventually going to be here. And that means going to the beach, lake or pool or whichever is nearest to you or going on a holiday. These are all places where you are likely to need a swimsuit or a bikini, or at least I will because I want to get a tan (mostly likely I will get burnt but I am hoping to have a nice tan after a week in Thailand). I only own one pair of bikinis at the moment and I will seriously have to go buy some new ones this or next week. The first collage has bikinis are from Topshop and H&M which seemed to be the best places to find affordable and pretty swimwear. I really like the ruffly bandeau bikini tops, they look so cute and you will avoid tan lines with them.

These bikinis are at a higher price point, all from NAP. I love the bottom left one from Missoni Mare. I like bikinis to be colourful and I don’t mind stripes or polka dots, they are more fun and more playful. All of these bikini sets were over a £100 with the top and bottom, which I find very expensive for such a small piece of cloth. Especially when they are not even worn that many times in a year. I have no experience on more expensive swimwear so I don’t know if there is any sort of quality difference between the two. I will probably get two pairs of bikinis for the holiday, I really like the missoni style bikinis from H&M in the collage on the top.

I have to say I can’t understand bikini hoarders who have like 30 pairs of bikinis. How do you even wear them in one summer? I don’t think I even have time to go to the beach that many times. But each to their own, i could probably own 30 handbags but I think it would be an outrageous amount. Anyway, Switzerland is keeping me very busy, I haven’t taken a single photo since I got here and I have been wearing mostly shorts and t-shirts. I have had some to read though and I am reading a second book from the BBC list at the moment. I already read Five people you meet in Heaven and now I am trying to get through the Great Gatsby.

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6 Responses to Almost summer time

  1. are you enjoying being back in switzerland???? welcome back!

    • Meri says:

      Thank you! It has been so nice to be back, I like seeing the family and friends and the weather was amazing. It is supposed to rain for the next week which is a bit disappointing though.

  2. Allie says:

    oh my gosh, these are all so adorable!! For a moment, when you said over 20 degrees, I thought you meant Fahrenheit, and was like “that’s so cold!!” but then I realized in Europe you probably use Celsius. I really like the bikinis you showed, you definitely have great taste.

  3. Steffy says:

    adorable bathing suites i love the first pink one!

    ❤ steffy
    Steffys Pros and Cons

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