Packing for a month is stressful. Oh dear.

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12 Responses to Packing

  1. steffy says:

    ah i hate packing!

    ❤ steffy
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  2. That is totally what my bed looks like when I’ve got to pack somewhere – a whole month would stress me out too. Good luck and have a fun trip!

  3. where are you off to??

  4. I don’t master the art of light packing either, the last time I went away for a month I needed two suitcases….well I’m excused, it was my wedding and it was in Greece, so I needed a separate suitcase for my wedding dress:) Switzerland AND Thailand sounds great, though, I’m sure you’ll have a fabulous time!

    • Meri says:

      Thank you, so far it has been great and Switzerland is really warm at the moment. Yes I think a wedding dress definitely needs its own suitcase, a wedding in Greece sounds amazing:)

  5. mmr says:

    I can imagine how stressful that must be! This summer I will need to pack for 5,5 weeks, but I’m trying to ban the thought from my mind as thinking about it would probably lead me to wanting to cancel my travel plans altogether 😉 Anyway, I hope you’ll have a great trip!

    • Meri says:

      Thank you :)Packing for summer is usually easier I think, especially if you are going on a holiday. But then again if you need lots of different outfits for different occasions it will be a pain to fit all of them in one suitcase.

  6. Alexandra says:

    Good luck with the packing! Its hard to pack for such a long time away. Unpacking is worse though!

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