When did fashion become so serious?

I usually try to post pictures about beautiful outfits and amazing styles that people have but sometimes it can be a bit repetitive I think. So I thought I would post some of the worst styles I have seen or just generally horrific outfits. I am sure these people loved what they wore and everyone is entitled to their own opinion. The reason I dislike these outfits is usually the colour combinations and too many prints mixed in a way that does not appeal to me. Anyway, fashion and style doesn’t always have to be so serious, I think it is good that there are people out there who don’t care what others think and are willing to look silly, on purpose or not.

This outfit in itself is not that strange I don’t think but it is a good example of too much animal print and just generally a bit too much stuff going on. The leopard tights are quite loud even by themselves but paired with the jumpsuit it hurts my eyes.

I usually like the cropped crotch trousers to a certain extent but the MC Hammer trousers are a bit too much. I think it looks like you are wearing a big diaper.

This look has to be my all time favourite. I just can’t understand it in any way. Enough said.

These pictures make me smile, I think this is enough for now but I do have a lot more saved on my computer for the next time when fashion seems a bit too serious. All these pictures are from Hel-Looks which is a street style website from Helsinki. I think some of the photos are from various events but mostly they seem to be random people stopped on the street. The website started in 2005 and I think the outfits have gotten a lot better in the past year and now I can find a lot of very nice styles. Before it just seemed to be weird and ugly clothes and outfits and it made me wonder if this is what people in Helsinki look like all the time (thank god they don’t, at least not last time when I went there).

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6 Responses to When did fashion become so serious?

  1. I totally agree! I may not like the style of these people in a way I’d wear myself – but I like it because they don’t care what I think and are having fun expressing themselves!

    Please vote for me to win Westfield’s blogger style competition!

  2. These pictures made me smile, too! Kudos to those people for daring to dress so crazy:) At least they can brighten up a rainy day!

  3. Alicia says:

    Haha, I completely agree with the harem pants. Thanks for the comment!

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