Tigers, beetles and summer dresses

All this sunshine and warm weather make me think about the summer and I imagine that is almost here, even though it will be a few more months before I will wear a summer dresses and shorts (except in Thailand in three weeks, wohoo!). Anyway, net-a-porter is probably my favourite online shop for drooling over beautiful clothes and getting ideas for what to look for. Here are some of my favourite day/casual dresses at the moment for the summer.

From the left: Milly, Missoni, Etoile Isabel Marant. In the summer I tend to like more colourful and lighter clothes and some prints are also nice. The Milly dress is adorable, it looks cute from a distance but when you look up close it is much more playful because of the beetles. Not something you would usually see on a dress. Missoni usually isn’t one of my favourite brands but sometime’s they can also surprise me, even with the typical Missoni print.

Jason Wu, Stella McCartney, APC. Navy is such a fresh option for black in the summer. The Stella McCartney dress has a beautiful print and it is 100% silk which surprised me a little bit since she doesn’t use real leather in her clothes and accessories (well I don’t know what exactly is her philosophy regarding animal products).

Another amazing print, this dress is also by APC. First I thought it was just a floral dress but when I saw the lions it immediately made the dress so much more interesting. I liked it already because of the cut and colour but this made it even better. Not sure why the picture is so blurry but you get the point. I want more dresses in my wardrobe now, especially one with a quirky print.

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8 Responses to Tigers, beetles and summer dresses

  1. I prefer navy over black so I really love the selection of navy dresses shown here – and the Stella McCarthy one, too. Silk is such a treat to wear in the summer! The other dresses are cute as well, although they’re not my style. Thank you so much again for your very nice comment on my blog today, and have a fabulous weekend!

    • Meri says:

      You are welcome:) I really like navy as well, I am always so pale and my hair is blond so I think a lot of black looks a bit harsh on me. I wouldn’t wear all of these dresses, even though I think they are cute. For example the Missoni one, its not really my style either.

  2. steffy says:

    such cute summer dresses, especially love the one with the white around the collar 🙂

    ❤ steffy
    Steffys Pros and Cons

  3. I love drooling over Net-a-Porter too – but just drooling, I’d never be able to afford it!


    • Meri says:

      Me too, I love the handbags but if I were going to spend a lot of money on a bag I don’t think I would buy it online.

  4. Henar says:

    Aww, this is beautiful !
    I love it ♥


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