Finally Spring

It has finally gotten really warm in Manchester and I can start packing away some of winter clothes and shoes and switch to lighter jackets. The weather was beautiful last weekend so we walked around and took some pictures but most of them failed badly. Oh well, you will see a headless picture of me.

The flats are from Geox, got them a few years ago. I wore the for the first time in ages last weekend. They are a bit granny-like I think but so comfortable! Haven’t got much to say, I have a cold and I have been sneezing all day, hopefully it will end soon. I have been drinking tons of tea, I hate being poorly when the weather is amazing and I want to go outside and go running and actually do stuff after the winter. So the hair will be done tomorrow and I have some plans for the weekend so I should be able to post more pictures soon.

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9 Responses to Finally Spring

  1. Allie says:

    Hey I just wanted to say thank you for the award! You are too sweet. Plus you look awesome here. Love the balloon photo. Although why you would want to hide your gorgeous face is beyond me.

  2. Nice photos and I hope you’ll get better soon!

  3. Steffy says:

    it looks beautiful there! love your jacket 🙂

    ❤ steffy
    Steffys Pros and Cons

  4. Manchester is looking GORGEOUS! I love the blue sky. We’ve been seeing a lot of it here in Switzerland this week, everyone is down at the lake :):)

  5. designedbyann says:

    The building in the first picture is my favorite building in Manchester!
    I did my Masters degree in Lancaster a good 5 years ago and Manchester was the closest big city so we visited often.
    These pictures bring back so many memories!!
    P.S. Manchester Arcade is my favorite mall…ever!!

    • Meri says:

      I love Lancaster, I got there all the time. There are some beautiful buildings in Manchester but also so many ugly ones. Thanks for commenting:)

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