Something Red

A red cardigan or a clutch, both work really well with everything. I like the look of the oversize clutches but they seem a bit inconvenient to me. I’d rather have Garance Dore’s Kelly, it is so beautiful, or the Celine box bag ( it is still on my buy in the next 10 years list). The last picture is my favourite though, I really love her hair colour. Maybe I should take a picture of her with me next time I go get my hair done (which should be soon, my roots are awful), the colour would be closer to my original hair colour than blond hair. Her outfit is casual and cute and I like the colour combination, unfortunately I don’t think I have anything in this shade of grey.

I might have something about the colour before, red is just a great way to make an outfit to stand out a bit more but won’t take all of the attention. I will have to look for my red clothes, I definitely own a white and red stripey top and cannot wait to wear it now.

Pictures: Tommy Ton for

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14 Responses to Something Red

  1. wallace says:

    great images here ..:)

  2. monika says:

    LOVE the red!!!! great post!!

  3. rebecca says:

    love the red, adds a touch of detail to the outfits, love your layout on here too 🙂

  4. efeNes says:

    The red is different than all the other colors and if it is used right than it looks perfect!!


  5. Alisha Ross says:

    Love all the red detailing. Its so chic. This has definitely inspired me to go out and buy myself a red clutch.

  6. Ash says:

    A red bag is on my list too. I’d be absolutely dreaming to think I could afford a Kelly. I quite like the red Givenchy Nightingale though, the soft leather makes the red look really luxurious 🙂

  7. Tash Scarlet says:

    Great post- Red- We love xo

  8. miss sophie says:

    i lovee the red, especially in the shot of garance’s kelly and the last photo. but the girl wearing the fur coat in the 2nd photo is distracting me…is it just me or does the sleeve texture of her fur coat look like churros?? like the ones you’d get at amusement parks or the boardwalk when you were a kid? 😀

    • Meri says:

      haha I had to go google what churros is and yes you are right, it does look like it! Too funny, i will probably think of that every time I look at that picture.

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