For the Spring

Spring Essentials

I thought I would write about some of the basics I want to have in my wardrobe for the Spring. It is only February and the weather in Manchester is surprisingly warm, most of the days around 10 degrees which is weird for me because I am used to having to wear tons of layers and warm clothes in February.

A trench coat, it never goes out of fashion and it great for the Spring and Autumn. I love my trench coat, I got it last year from Massimo Dutti, it is exactly the right colour and style but slightly too short. Burberry is the obvious choice when thinking about trench coats, but unfortunately it is not very budget friendly. It is an item that I would like in the future but right now I am very pleased with the one I own. Some of items in the picture I have posted before, the perfect pair of jeans and blouses, they just work all year around. When it gets warm enough I’ll roll up the jeans to show the ankles, I love the way it looks with a pair of flats. After the winter I am pale and pasty so a white blouse or shirt might not be the most flattering colour for me, so a blue or maybe another coloured top will look better.

To complete the perfect outfit for the Spring, I want to wear a pair of flats. There are so many options ballerinas, loafers, brogues etc. Tod’s is known for their loafers, someone might think they are boring and grown up but I like the look of them. I also want to be comfortable when I do a lot of walking so loafers would suit that. Ballerinas just go with everything and they are perfect for the spring and summer. I don’t own any brogues, I am not sure if I like them on me but maybe I’ll get some in the future if they grow on me. I am not a fan of the spring fashion shows so I will rather follow this simple style than go with the trends, such as colour blocking that makes me want to cringe every time I see neon colour socks worn with heels.


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2 Responses to For the Spring

  1. Nanne says:

    I actually have some of the same items on my spring wish list! I find it rather liberating having a personal style and ditching the trends:)

    • Meri says:

      I totally agree, I rather keep my clothes for years and use the same outfit over and over again just because I feel comfortable in it. And the basics never go out of style! 🙂

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