Wardrobe Staples: Blazer

Last time I wrote about essential pieces in my wardrobe, I wrote about jeans which I did not even own at that point. Since then I’ve managed to acquire two new pairs of jeans which fulfil the criteria and now I basically live in them. I like reading books about style and the pieces that every woman should own, even though I do not always agree and there are items I don’t want. Something that always comes up in these books is a blazer and it is also on my list of things that I need. At the moment I am not actively looking for one because I do not think I need it immediately.

I think buying a blazer is difficult, again, it is something I want to fit perfectly and not to be too trendy. There are a lot of colour options, in the spring lighter colours usually show up but I would prefer either a navy or dark grey blazer. Black is an obvious choice but because I am quite pale, black might look to harsh on me. I don’t want the blazer to be too fitted, I want it to be an easy piece to wear that I can thrown on top of anything to make the outfit look slightly sharper and more professional. The perfect length for me would be slightly below my hip, too short and I won’t feel comfortable and the blazer will probably be too tight. The blazer above is from Ralph Lauren but it is difficult to say anything about the cut or the length without trying it on. I do like the colour but the embroidered symbol is a bit too much in my opinion, something smaller would be sufficient enough.

Picture: My Theresa

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2 Responses to Wardrobe Staples: Blazer

  1. Maija says:

    Really like your blog! Can not stop wondering how I have not found this earlier.. But yeah, I haven’t still read all of your posts but have you told in which city u live?

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