Let it Snow

Christmas is already over but my holiday certainly isn’t. I am working until Friday afternoon and then I can start preparing for New Years Eve. I’ve got some plans and hopefully they will work out. My Christmas was really lovely, it was just so nice to spend time with family, eat good food, relax and of course I liked the presents.

These pictures are from last week when I went into town to do some last minute Christmas shopping. At the time all the snow had melted away but on Christmas eve it started snowing again and we got a white Christmas. The outfit was just supposed to be suitable for walking around and we ended up staying in Zurich for four hours, I was absolutely dying when I got home. The first two pictures were taken in Zara, I wasn’t actually looking for anything but the pictures are for my sister’s school project.

And after the long and horrendous day of shopping a Starbucks hot chocolate and chocolate cake were definitely deserved. As you can see there wasn’t any snow but now it looks more like this:

My dad took these pictures on Christmas day when he went for a walk with my mum on this little mountain that is behind out house. Looks so nice!

Less text and more pictures today, I think I will take some pictures of  my presents and I’ll post them some other day.

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5 Responses to Let it Snow

  1. beccaaaaaa says:

    aaahh the pics from Felsenegg look absolutely lovely!
    i miss it a bit too much!

    oh. and youre pretttttyyyyy!

  2. Anonymous says:

    Meri! siisti karvatakki! 😉 me liike.
    iski kunnon shopping himo ku lukee sun juttui!

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