The Bag Essentials

I love handbags. I cannot get enough of nice purses, the smell of new bags and the whole shopping experience, looking at different bags and trying them on. There are four types of bags that I find essential for every day life (does not have to be only four bags, I definitely want more than that even though I am trying to limit my wardrobe). Ideally I would have one good size, lightweight weekend bag for over night stays. A smaller city bag for the days when I do not have to carry a lot of stuff with me, that looks simple and chic, but classic that will not go out of fashion and will only look better with age and can be passed on in the future. And for the days when I need to carry tons of things (which I usually do anyway) a large tote bag that can hold a lot and is comfortable and timeless workhorse. For the nights out, parties, dinners and formal occasions a beautiful and luxurious clutch. With daily bags I usually prefer neutral colours but with a clutch I think it is possible to add some colour to the outfit, but I would love a perfect clutch in a neutral colour as well. All the bags I would want in my collection have pretty much the same requirements, the purpose just varies. Amazing quality, simplicity and a timeless and classic look are essential but often do not come with a cheap price. However, if the perfect bag will last for decades I think it is worth saving up, spending time finding the perfect bag and then spending on it when you know that you will not regret the buy.

Longchamp Le Pliage is just great, you don’t have to worry about the weather or about the condition of the bag. It goes into a tiny space and you can also fit tons in it. I have one and I have used it all the time. All these bags are quite simple and classic and exactly what I am looking for. Not a lot of colour though but it can always be added with other things.

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