Busy Bee

Life is so hectic at the moment, I am working every day and waking up at five in the morning. Have’t really had much time to think about posts, I still have some Christmas presents to buy and I will do that tomorrow afternoon with my sister because I got the afternoon off. All I wear at the moment is some old clothes and horse riding stuff all day long so there is not anything interesting at the moment. What I would love to do is to wear beautiful and comfortable clothes and sit on the couch and read good book and magazines. I definitely do not read enough these days, I use to read so much when I was younger. Hopefully I’ll have some time to just relax this Christmas and do absolutely nothing besides reading and eating chocolates.

Because my outfits are not interesting at all, I made a collage of the clothes I would love to wear at the moment.

The Acne Pistol boots are in my long-term wish list. Either in black or grey, even though the beige ones look amazing as well. I’d have all of them if I could. I tried to Steven Alan cashmere sweater on a few weeks ago and I really wanted to buy it but there was no point in that just before Christmas. It was extremely soft and comfy, and it fitted beautifully. A good pair of jeans is still on my wish list and I think that when I find the perfect pair I will just wear them non-stop until they desperately need washing. The Celine classic box bag is just perfectly simple and timeless and so elegant. It would go with everything and hopefully last forever, but unfortunately, (like with most of the perfect items) the price tag is extremely high for any normal person, especially a student. Maybe I’ll be able to save up for it in 10 years (assuming it is still available then).

Simple, soft and easy clothes are the only kind of clothes in my mind recently, I want to be able to look good and feel comfortable at the same time. I also want to be able to wear flat shoes and still look good, most of the time the street style pictures that appeal to me all have high heels.

I have to start getting ready for bed, another very early morning tomorrow and i don’t want to be completely dead. I will try post every few days at least, even though it can be difficult to be inspired by anything else except PJs and a bed.

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