Perfect LBD

I think every woman wants to find that perfect little black dress that will suit every occasion and that will last for many years. I definitely have not found that perfect LBD, at the moment I own one black dress, it was very cheap but looks reasonable and I think the loose cut suits me. In an ideal world, I would have two LBDs, one for the summer and one for the winter. The one for the winter should have some sleeves and it should be slightly more covering than the summer one. The main reason for this would just be my confidence and how I feel in a dress, in the winter when I am constantly pale and don’t really like fake tan, I am not comfortable exposing my whole arms and chest and I would also like to wear black tights.

I made a two collages of the LBDs I found, the first one is the one for the rest of the year, with or without straps.

I like the dresses to be quite simple and made from good materials, I don’t want any iffy details or a lot of details or anything that might make the dress outdated too soon. All these dresses are rather simple at the front but some of them had interesting details on the back. I also think that is a better place to put something extra to the dress, I won’t see it all the time so there are less chances that I will get bored of it but it will still be eye catching. The bandage dress look beautiful but it also a garment that does not suit my body type at all, therefore I will never own one. The second dress on the top row is by Gucci and I love the simplicity of it, there is nothing extra on it but i also think that makes it very versatile. You can accessories it in many different ways, a colourful scarf or a necklace or nothing at all. The third dress on the other hand probably should have gone to the list of more covering dresses but it is also a very beautiful dress. It is also a lot more detailed and because of the cut I am worried that I might get bored of it.

These are then the more covering dresses (well they cover the chest and the shoulders but might actually be slightly shorter) and I cannot decide my favourite. I think I would feel much more comfortable wearing one of these dresses than the ones above. The Chloe dress on the bottom left-hand corner is very interesting, I like the way it looks like a blazer but more dressy. It is different and simple but definitely not boring and it could be paired with different things for different occasions. I also love the leather details on the Maison Martin Margiela dress on the bottom right. The details are subtle but make a great difference to the dress, it would look completely different without them. The cut is also flattering, it will hide any extra lumps and make the body look lean and slim.

But maybe for someone LBD is not an option. Maybe due to personal preferences or just any other reason really. Someone might prefer a dress in different colour and someone does not feel comfortable in dresses per se. It is also an option to wear a beautiful blouse or top with some flattering trousers and heels for those events where you need to be more formally dresses. Every style book will tell you that everyone need an LBD but I think the most important thing is to be able to dress the occasion properly but also to feel comfortable in whatever she is wearing.

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5 Responses to Perfect LBD

  1. Anonymous says:

    You are so beautiful and you have very nice blog :oo

  2. Jola says:

    I’m reading your blog now and I must say that you are very fasionable person and reading your blog makes me creasy sometimes;] greeting;)

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