Avoiding the Slush

Finally I managed to get some outfit photos, and then they are actually not fashionable or stylish in anyway. Wore it to the city for Christmas shopping, the weather was horrendous, it was just snowing constantly and impossible to see anything and wet slush everywhere. I went with my mum, I had a good time and we managed to get some presents for the rest of the family. I still haven’t bought all the presents but I will go again some time next week.

This is my lazy day hair bun, I have my hair like this quite often. It takes only a minute to do and stays on all day and I won’t have to worry about my hair. My hair colour is awful at the moment, it is too blond and the roots are showing way too much. I would want it to be a bit darker but still have highlights because then I can go on for months without the roots looking too bad. Last time I had my hair dyed was at the end of September and I was happy with it at the time but not a month later.

I have still been obsessing about this jumper, it is one of the most comfortable pieces of clothing that I own. I’d probably wear it everyday if I didn’t have to wash it every once in a while or give my other clothes a chance to be worn.

These boots are my sister’s, they are extremely comfortable and warm but they do let water in through the sole! I have no idea why, but I was really irritated to find out this particular fact when walking in the slush. The boots are cute though, I want to take them with me but my sister wants to keep them. I am still trying to figure what kind of clothes suit my body, tight tops are a no-no so this is heading towards the right direction shape wise but I am not entirely happy with it. I have a lot of time to work on it though.

To make this post a bit more fashion related, I found this picture on Stockholm Street Style. It is so simple but she looks so good. If I wore this outfit, I think I would wear a slightly longer and looser top underneath the blazer. Her hair also looks so effortless and it falls really nicely. Whenever I try to do this with my hair, it just end up looking really flat and the colour at the moment does not suit my face at all.

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2 Responses to Avoiding the Slush

  1. vilmamliv says:

    Lovely blog! And your hair is gorgeous 🙂


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