Home and Christmas Wish List

I am finally home, it has been such a hectic day with a lot of packing and last minute organising before heading to the airport. It was snowing here in Zurich but luckily we didn’t have any problems with our flight. I am so happy to be back, Zurich is one my favourite places and I will be able to see some of my older friends. First thing tomorrow morning I’ll be going horse riding and I have a competition on Saturday. I don’t think I’ve mention this hobby in the blog earlier but I have been horse riding for about 14 years and I used to have a horse and a pony before that. If I’ll be able to get some photos from the competition, maybe I’ll post them here.

I haven’t really done any fashion related recently because of the exam I had yesterday (I hope it went well, didn’t think it was too hard) so I don’t have any photos and my boyfriend has the camera because he is going on a holiday. I’ll try get some good pictures around Zurich while I am here and maybe a proper post about it as well. There is tons of snow and everything just look so beautiful and I cannot wait to see the Christmas lights in the city. Since I haven’t done much recently, between studying I have mostly just watched the old seasons of House ( I had to start from the beginning because I have never really followed the series, despite the fact that it is one my favourite tv shows). I’m currently watching season three, it gets really addictive (quite sad I know).

Over the weekend I spent some time going over the Spring/Summer2011 shows, unfortunately I wasn’t a big fan of any of them, except Lanvin which was amazing. There are still a lot of shows I want to see, but for the next few days I’ll be busy and occupying myself with something more social. I will get back to them and I’ll choose my favourites.

I’ve seen in a lot of blogs a Christmas wish list collages so I thought I’d be a copy cat and make one as well. This is not very realistic but it would be the ultimate wish list if I could choose whatever I wanted to. I didn’t add any clothes here because the last post was about the essentials that I think I need so these would just be some additions and general nice things really.

At the moment I don’t own a weekend bag which is actually quite important for me because I visit my boy friend often on weekends. This Louis Vuitton one would be perfect but the price tag is not so perfect. Oh well, maybe one day. I am also in a need for a small black purse, not necessarily a clutch and I’ve loved this Gucci 1973 purse since the first time I saw it. I hate buying skin care products so a set like this would be great. I’ve used Clinique before and liked it but I would also like to try out some new brands. I did ask for a new scarf for Christmas, I only have a few and they are all rather similar. The one pictured here is from Whistles and I saw it in Selfridge’s a few week ago. It is 100% wool, beautiful colour and extremely soft and looks great around the neck. I also asked for Lauren Conrad’s book, I heard it was good and though it would be something nice and light to read and I could possibly get some tips for the Perfect Wardrobe.

This post is a bit all over the place, I have so many things in my mind at the moment and I am so excited to be back that I can’t think straight. Hopefully I’ll have something more interesting to post tomorrow, now I’ll get ready for bed and will start reading Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone -in German. Should be interesting, hopefully I’ll be able to understand something.

Pictures Gucci.com, Louis Vuitton, Whistles, Clinique, and here

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2 Responses to Home and Christmas Wish List

  1. Desire says:

    very nice blog, great pictures 😉
    invite me :*
    I hope you follow me back
    kisses! :*

  2. Kinga says:

    I love House M.D. I think this is the best medical drama. I’m waiting for your new outfits ! :).

    Ps. I changed the name of my blog:

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