These are some of the basic items I would like to add to my wardrobe and to have for the winter. Very basic, but they all go together and they can be mixed easily. I need a pair of good jeans quite desperately, at the moment I only own one pair of jeans and jeggings, the jeans are straight cut, don’t fit perfectly and I just don’t like them in general. I own a few pairs of black and brown boots and I am planning on keeping all of them because they are all good quality and I really like wearing them. I don’t usually mix black and brown so that is why i think it is important that the clothes will go with both colours. So shoe-wise I am settled at the moment, only pair I would like for the winter is a pair of flat or small heeled ankle boots but I can quite easily cope without them for now.

The red sweater is just too cute and would add a bit of colour, without being too much over the top. I would also like a few loose cut blouses for every day use and they would also suit more formal occasions when dressed up a little bit. I wrote a list of things that I will have to get rid of and the reasons for them and also a list of things that I need in my wardrobe. Some of them are very long-term purchases and I won’t need them at the moment, but some are more essential, such as a pair of jeans. That will also be the biggest problem because I hate buying jeans, it is so difficult to find a pair that is a nice colour, fits perfectly and isn’t too low, I don’t like my bum showing when I sit down. I will probably post those lists later, at least the one with everything that needs to be thrown away/given to my sister or sold. I want clothes that I will feel comfortable in and that will look good on me and work together. Would be your winter essentials?

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6 Responses to Essentials

  1. Essi says:

    sullakin tosi kiva tää blogi ja jotenkin tulee e semmonen olo et lukee jotain ammattilaisen blgia, kun kirjotat englanniks!:) kuvat on kans hienoja ja sulla on mun mielestä ihana tyyli. tää ulkoasu on kans hyvä, kun on tämmönen yksinkertanen…

  2. Robin says:

    Great essentials! I love that red sweater!

  3. nnaeh says:

    Hey! I’m sooo happy you came and commented in my blog, so I could find yours ! 🙂 I like your blog very much, and I’m going to add it to my favourites. Love it that you write in english 🙂

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