Winter Inspiration

I have just spent quite a bit of time going through some of the fall/winter 2010 collections. I know it has been around nine months since they were shown, but I wanted to find ideas and my favourite things because now is the season when the looks can be applied. It is too easy to get stuck in the routines and to wear the same outfits all the time when it is cold but we have a few more months of winter left, so we might as well make the most out of it. We can wear those amazing, thick jumpers I posted about last week, and on top of them we can throw a nice warm coat. There are also tons of different kind of boots to suit all needs, tall ones, short ones, high ones, flat ones, leather ones, furry ones, the list goes on. When I look for inspiration, I try to find items that are similar to my own, or to find a high street alternative, because I am a student and cannot buy the amazing Chloe camel coat of the year.

The first collage includes some of my favourite coats that I found. The three coats on the top are all by Burberry Prorsum, I didn’t include the shearling coats here, even thought they are amazing but they have been all over the high street and I wanted to focus on something different. I love cut and the collar of the green coat, it is basic and it is also so much more, it is well structured, and because of its simplicity, it is also timeless. The colour may not be so fashionable in a few years, but well made, simple jackets that suit the wearer will always look good. It is more or less the same thing with all of these coats, the other Burberry ones have the zipper added to them, and the last coat by Tommy Hilfiger is much more masculine.

As I mentioned shoes earlier, there is always a great variety of them in fashion shows, but quite often they are sky high heels, but not everyone can wear those every day. Sometimes you feet need a rest and then a nice pair of flat leather boots is a great option. Anyway, these are all heels and the thigh highs seem to be everywhere. I was so lucky to get mine on sale last week and I absolutely love them. I really want to pair them with longer skirts and dresses like they did in the Burberry show. The Prada shoes (pictures 3,4,5) have all been paired with thick knee-high socks, definitely a good option in the winter to get more use out of your pumps. At the moment Topshop is selling very similar loafer heels, but only in patent black and camel, but also a much more affordable option. The last Tommy Hilfiger pair is gorgeous and reasonably priced and they are available to purchase online (Not in red unfotunately)

These last photos are just outfits and combinations that I think look great and I would love to wear. A thick jumper with a belt definitely goes on the list of things I want to try. It might work or it might look hideous.

All pictures from except the first two in the last collage from Stockholm Street Style

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3 Responses to Winter Inspiration

  1. Bonnie says:

    Oh I just loove it all dear! ❤

  2. Charlene says:

    I much prefer the coats you have featured here than the shearling ones….

    • Meri says:

      I agree, I really liked the shearling ones when I first saw them but since then they have been literally everywhere so at the moment I definitely prefer a good, timeless coat 🙂

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