What’s inside my make-up bag

I am not a make-up expert in anyway but I thought I would post the products I use daily. It is not a lot really, and there are quite a few basic items missing. At the moment one thing I really want would be a good primer and pressed powder. After that I would like some new eye shadows.

This is my small (it is actually tiny) make-up bag and not all my make up even fits in it properly. It is convenient in a purse though, when I only need a few items with me.

Next up is my blush and foundation. They are both rather new and by MAC. I really like the blush (Buff Matte Powder Blush), you can see the shade on skin in some of the previous posts. It is a lovely pinky and peachy colour even though it looks more brownish in the package and it looks nice and fresh on the cheek bones. A great blush for every day use. The foundation is the Studio Sculpt foundation with an SPF 15. I love the texture of it and it stays on well, and you only need a thin layer to get a good coverage. The only problem with this is the shade, I think it is a bit too orange for my skin tone. It was chosen by the MAC consultant and looked fine in store but not so nice in daylight. At the moment I am mixing it with an older Body Shop foundation which was too pale for me so the combination is good, but I am still looking for the perfect foundation. I want the perfect finish and clear looking skin so I think a good foundation is really important.

I decided very recently that I wanted to learn how to use liquid eye liner, I used to be terrible at it and didn’t own one until a month or two ago. This one is by BeautyUK and it is probably the cheapest liquid eye liner in Superdrug. It probably isn’t the best eye liner in anyway, but I have had good practice and gotten a lot better at using it so I think my next one will be better quality.

This mascara is a very new purchase, I have been using Dior mascaras for a few years now because I just think they are amazing, but this has turned out to be a very good alternative. I really like the big brush that adds a lot of volume and length, my own eye lashes are quite short and light. It is a bit expensive to be a non-designer mascara so far I have been extremely happy with it. The Chanel eye liner is amazing, this one is waterproof and I love to use it on night outs, on a normal day I think black eyeliner looks a bit too hars on me.

I apologise for the last picture and the bronzer because it looks disgusting. I tend to mix my foundations on it and then I use a brush for applying it so I have to do it somewhere. The eye liners here are all very old and and I have no idea where they are from. I use the brown one very often and I also really like the grey ones. The eye shadow is from Rimmel and I usually use it when I am going out because it is very dark.

So some additions are definitely needed, especially in the eye shadow section. I do have a few other ones but they are so old and look horrific that I possibly couldn’t post them here. Let me know if you have found the Perfect Foundation or any other tips for finding one.

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2 Responses to What’s inside my make-up bag

  1. kirsty says:

    love mac make up x

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