Vintage Manchester

My Sundays are always more or less the same, I like to relax and not to do too much. Today I slept in and then my boyfriend and I took a long walk around Manchester and went for a tea. I’ve lived in Manchester for a year and half now but mainly know the city centre. So we went a bit further away and found some new places and a lot of vintage shops. I only went into one and really liked it and I think the shops deserve a bit more attention. All of them were on Oldham Street which is by Piccadilly Gardens and very easy to find.

I added Oxfam here as well because it looked like a rather large one is mostly second hand anyway. The last shop sells vintage and re-made clothing and they also have a website. On the website they describe the re-made clothing as the “re-use of old vintage garments to fabrics to design our very own Blue Rinse creations” and all the new and re-made clothes are produced in their studio that is based in Leeds. Didn’t have time to go to these shops because I was getting tired and hungry and wanted to get home but I will definitely go back. I really like the idea of the re-made clothing as each piece is unique and the clothes are recycled. I saw at least two other shops on the same street but forgot to take pictures of them.

picture from here

This is the shop I went to and it was massive and had racks of clothing for men and women, and tons of vintage bags and shoes plus all sorts of other little things. Also on Oldham Street. Some other vintage shops in Manchester are Cow, which is by the Piccadilly Gardens bus stop and their blog can be found here, and Pop Boutique which can be found in Aflex Palace, and Junk on Dale Street. These are the shops I know about but there probably is more.

And here is my lazy Sunday outfit, again loose and comfortable.

These boots are also a few years old and so comfortable and good for walking. Unfortunately the zipper broke on the other boot today after our walk and needs replacing. The zipper has been changed already on the other boot, so I guess it was going to happen at some point anyway. Otherwise they are in a great condition, they look used but the leather is nice and soft and I hope to keep them for many more years.

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4 Responses to Vintage Manchester

  1. Bonnie says:

    I just loove your boots! ❤

  2. Karin says:

    What a great outfit… marvellous blog xx

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