We need more colours

I have had such a hectic day (or evening). I went shopping with my friend because we wanted to get a birthday present for our mutual friend, whose party is on Friday. We got her some really gorgeous earring, I hope she will like them. I also wanted to find a dress for the occasion, which I was able to find actually, surprised myself there. I posted about some dresses last week, well I tried on the Topshop cut out dress today and the River Island one earlier this week. Both were horrendous and I could never wear them. Also grabbed something else from Topshop but I will post them tomorrow. I still need to find some accessories so I think I will just pop into Primark on Friday morning to find something.

I managed to get some pictures this morning when it was still light outside so I didn’t have to use the flash. Wanted to wear something colourful and I really love red at the moment and I don’t get to wear the red skirt as much as I want to, so thought it is the time to take it out. The blue jumper is also my favourite, I have had it for a several years now and I always take it out when the weather starts getting cold. It is incredibly soft and warm,  but unfortunately it is showing some signs of use by now. The mirror needs to be cleaned quite badly.

I hope you can see something from the second picture, it was supposed to demonstrate my make-up. It is very simple, for the eyes I usually use Kohl eye liner and mascara, quick and easy. Usually grey or brown, sometimes black like today.

I also painted my nails today which I don’t do very often, since my nails are not in a very good condition and they chip easily. Anyway, this is supposed to show the colour, the nail polish is from Gosh and the shade is 595 Miss Sweety. Not sure if I like it or not, at least my nails look a bit better now.

This is just to show the whole outfit and the boots. I have no idea what is going on with the legs but whatever. We took this picture at the end of our shopping trip, I was cranky and wanted to get home as fast as possible. All the shops are really busy at the moment, I guess people are trying to find Christmas presents for everyone. And I haven’t bought any yet! I have though about it and I sort of now what I want to get for everyone, but I still have to make it to the shops. Even though I love clothes and fashion and getting new things, I don’t necessarily enjoy the shopping experience itself, especially when I am trying to find something specific. Too often I have an image in my head of what I want to get but then I can’t find it anywhere. If I could make my own clothes it would solve the problem. I’m off to bed now, got a long day tomorrow at uni and loads of work to do.

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4 Responses to We need more colours

  1. eden says:

    cute outfit and loving your nails:))))

  2. lucie says:

    I love your hair so much! It falls so beautifully in all your photos! Very jealous 🙂

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