Reindeer and Snowflakes

When it snows in England, no one knows what to do. There is ice and snow everywhere, people are too scared to drive and moan about the weather even more than usual. I think it was just last week when I saw people still wearing shorts and t-shirts outside, a bit too cold for that in my opinion. The point is, winter is challenging in terms of clothing, especially when you want to look good and not like a Michelin man. I love all the big cardigans and chunky knits and thought, since I haven’t got any reasonable pictures from today, that I would try find my favourite knitwear from a few online shops. I can live with the clothes I have but when sales start after Christmas, I want to have an idea of what I am looking for.

I also love capes, but I can’t imagine wearing one. First of all, it feels like it is too cold for them, I was freezing in my wool coat today, and they do not seem very convenient if you want to use a shoulder bag. Anyway, all the pictures on the first collage are from NAP. I chose jumpers that I would love to wear and I really love all the reindeer-snowflake-wintery patterns that are everywhere at the moment.

From top left: D&G, James Perse, See By Chloe, Rag and Bone, Clare Tough, Vanessa Bruno

I love all these jumpers, they all look so warm and comfortable and just perfect for the cold winter days. The See by Chloe one is probably my favourite, I just adore everything about it. The cut, the colour and especially the pattern. The black jumper is in here because I don’t own any black jumpers and this would easily solve the mornings when everything seems to go wrong. It is big and lose so it will hide all unpleasant bits and it will go everything. It would look great just with a tight pair of jeans and boots, I really like simplicity if you haven’t figured it out yet. I would wear all of these with everything and everywhere, they are versatile and hopefully will stay in style for the next few years because I am in love.

From top left: Joseph, River Island, River Island, Topshop

The first jumper is also from NAP, I really liked it because of the print. It is quite difficult to find nice looking leopard print jumpers because most of the time they seem too tacky for me, but this one looks soft and stylish. A red jumper would be a great addition to my wardrobe for the winter to add some colour. It is too easy to stick with the greys and blacks and browns and by adding one bold colour everything will look more interesting. That is why I would love to see the Topshop jumper in red as well. I’ll be going shopping tomorrow so I will definitely keep my eyes open for any good jumpers.

And to the end one picture through the mirror to get an idea of my outfit. 

It satisfies the criteria, it is big, cosy, red and quite literally a boyfriend jumper and I just want to wear it every day.

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One Response to Reindeer and Snowflakes

  1. Sophia says:

    Thanks for the sweet comment! I’ve been looking for cozy knit sweaters too and these are just perfect! xx

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